Company News

LabX Media Group Acquires G2 Intelligence

By Rachel Muenz For those who haven’t yet heard the news, we are pleased to welcome G2 Intelligence to LabX Media Group (LMG), a leading worldwide science publishing company that acquired G2 from … [Read more...]

Lab Safety

Opening a Safety Can of Worms

By Dan Scungio In the 1964 classic movie Mothra vs. Godzilla, released in the US as Godzilla vs. the Thing, a giant egg is washed ashore after a hurricane in Japan. Godzilla finds the egg and tries … [Read more...]


Set Specific Lab Compliance Goals for 2022

This is the perfect time for lab compliance managers to focus on not only what they’ve accomplished in the past year but also what they want to accomplish in the year ahead. One recommended best … [Read more...]

Lab Safety

Asking the wrong safety questions

By Dan Scungio Many years ago, I was hired to perform a safety audit for a laboratory. As I walked through one department, an employee asked what I was doing. When I remarked that I was finding … [Read more...]

Lab Safety

3 unwritten safety rules every lab should follow

By Dan Scungio Many years ago, a woman purchased a cup of coffee in a restaurant drive-through. Not having a cup holder available in her car, she placed the cup between her legs to hold the coffee … [Read more...]

Inside the Lab Industry

Even Without COVID-19, Infectious Disease Test Market on Track for Steady Growth

From a pure business perspective, the pandemic has been a windfall for Abbott, Cepheid, PerkinElmer, Roche, Thermo Fisher Scientific and other COVID-19 testing companies. However, while the COVID-19 … [Read more...]


Disability discrimination and lookism in the workplace

By Mike O’Brien EEOC sues a work placement agency on behalf of disabled workers for disability discrimination The EEOC announced this week that it has filed suit under the Americans with … [Read more...]

Lab Safety

A Code Call for Your Lab Co-worker

By Dan Scungio The lab employee felt faint in the middle of her shift and she sat down quickly on the lab stool. She asked to be taken to the Emergency Department, so her co-worker rolled her down … [Read more...]


Getting Medicare Reimbursement for Telehealth Lab Services: The New CONNECT for Health Act

Like most cliches, the one about the COVID-19 pandemic’s transformation of medicine forever is laden with truth. Telemedicine is Exhibit A. Of course, telemedicine goes back decades. But the pandemic … [Read more...]


CMS Closes the Free COVID-19 Tests Coverage Loophole

Getting Republicans and Democrats to agree on anything these days is a Herculean task, even during a global pandemic. One of the rare points of consensus is with regard to the notion that all … [Read more...]