Global Lab Network Expands Measles, Rubella Surveillance Capacity

By Lori Solomon, Editor, Diagnostic Testing & Emerging Technologies From 2010 to 2015 the Global Measles and Rubella Laboratory Network (GMRLN) substantially increased its capacity to provide … [Read more...]


Low Histopathologic Agreement for DCIS, Atypia Breast Cancer

Pathologists disagree with one another’s interpretations about 8 percent of the time when diagnosing a single breast biopsy slide, according to a study published March 22 in the Annals of Internal … [Read more...]


Adherence Poor for Lynch Syndrome Testing

There is poor adherence to recommended genetic testing and colonoscopy screening among patients at high-risk for Lynch syndrome, according to a study published online Feb. 9 in the American Journal of … [Read more...]


Survey Finds Expected Growth in Analytical Instrumentation Purchases

By Lori Solomon, Editor, Diagnostic Testing & Emerging Technologies A new survey reveals that laboratories are planning to increase equipment purchases this year, with analytical instrumentation … [Read more...]


Genetic Risk of Disease Results Don’t Change Health-Related Behaviors

By Lori Solomon, Editor, Diagnostic Testing & Emerging Technologies Communicating genetic risk of disease estimates does not impact individuals' health related behaviors, according to a review … [Read more...]


New Breast Cancer Staging System Incorporates HER2 Status to Better Assess Prognosis

By Stephanie Murg, Managing Director, G2 Intelligence A new breast cancer staging system adds HER2 (ERBB2-positive disease) status to a list of factors used to assess prognosis in women who undergo … [Read more...]


Acute HIV Screening With Combo Assay Ups Diagnostic Yield

Use of an HIV antigen/antibody (Ag/Ab) combination assay increases the diagnostic yield by more than 10 percent compared with rapid HIV testing in a high-prevalence population, while pooled RNA … [Read more...]

Daily INR Measurement for Inpatients Could Improve Safety

More frequent international normalized ratio (INR) monitoring of hospitalized patients taking the anticoagulant warfarin could increase patient safety, according to a study published online Dec. 14, … [Read more...]

G2 Insider: Have GWASs Been Oversold?

Despite the publication of 1,455 papers and documentation of 8,062 single nucleotide polymorphisms in the Catalog of Published Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWASs) since 2005, personalized medicine … [Read more...]

G2 Insider: Are Serial Malaria Tests Still Necessary With Rapid Diagnostics?

Traditionally to rule out a diagnosis of malaria requires three negative blood films. But in the era of routine rapid diagnostic testing, some are questioning the need for continued serial testing. A … [Read more...]