Personal Genome Interpretation Now Offered on Smartphones as Diagnostics Apps Penetrate Market

Accessing and understanding one’s own genetic information is now just a push of a smartphone button away. The smartphone app GeneG allows users to browse their genome. Such apps are part of a larger … [Read more...]

Special Focus: The Rise of Consumerism: Labs Must Address Convenience, Price, Value In Patient-Centric Delivery Models

Strong consumer trends are reshaping how patients access and purchase health care. The coming year is expected to be a pivotal one as health care companies transform their business strategies to … [Read more...]

Walgreens Takes Leading Role in Experimental Delivery Models

As health care delivery models are transforming, laboratories are watching a number of emerging trends, including the establishment of accountable care organizations (ACOs) and the growing interest in … [Read more...]

Interest Continues in CDx Codevelopment, But Clinical Utility Focus Needed

A recent string of announcements of partnerships aimed at expanding companion diagnostic (CDx) codevelopment reflects the commitment of pharmaceutical companies to develop targeted therapeutics, … [Read more...]

Special Focus: Pharacogenomics: Adoption of Pharmacogenomic Testing in Psychiatry Slow; Experts Point to Lack of Evidence, Cost-Effectiveness

Despite the hope that personalized medicine can improve care in a notoriously difficult to treat patient population, pharmacogenomic testing in the field of psychiatry is still characterized by … [Read more...]

Special Focus: Genetic Counseling and the Laboratory: Genetic Counselors See Job Evolving: Further Changes Expected With Growth of Clinical Sequencing

While the majority of genetic counselors (GCs) report working in a direct clinical role, a growing number work in nonclinical capacities, primarily in laboratories. According to the National Society … [Read more...]

Special Focus: Rapid Pathogen Testing: Rapid Pathogen Testing Pushing Ahead on Two Fronts

Rapid pathogen testing (RPT) has evolved dramatically in the past decade with the routine clinical use of molecular-based technologies. The simultaneous migration toward fixed-cost reimbursement for … [Read more...]