OIG Work Plan Monthly Review: September 2017

Many of the 12 new items that the OIG added to its 2017 Work Plan in September target state and federal government agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services itself—specifically, … [Read more...]


Tool: Model Hotline Allegations Investigation Procedure

The OIG Model Compliance Plan for Clinical Laboratories requires labs to establish mechanisms for not only receiving but promptly investigating internal complaints and reports of potential compliance … [Read more...]


Social Media and Hiring: Can You Use Facebook to Screen Job Applicants?

The consensus seems to be that the popular employer practice of demanding Facebook passwords from job applicants and screening their pages is both morally "wrong" and "illegal." … [Read more...]


Know What’s Really Going On

Most of the recent enforcement cases that we have discussed in G2 Compliance Advisor and our sister publications have developed out of whistleblower or qui tam claims. Often these whistleblowers … [Read more...]

Top 10 Compliance Issues and Tips for 2016

January is a time for reflection and resolutions. For compliance officers that means evaluating compliance risks. G2 Compliance Advisor surveyed experts in laboratory compliance for the top issues … [Read more...]

Compliance Dos & Don’ts Revealed By Experts Throughout 33rd Annual Lab Institute

For two and a half days on Capitol Hill, compliance concerns permeated G2 Intelligence's 33rd Annual Lab Institute. Beginning with a compliance-focused workshop and continuing through keynote … [Read more...]

Enforcement and Guidance Efforts Serve as Reminder: Re-evaluate and Update Your Compliance Plans

Laboratories should revisit their compliance programs now that the government has released its latest report on the success of its fraud-fighting efforts as well as new compliance guidance for health … [Read more...]

News at a Glance – Apr 2015

Arizona Allows Lab Testing Without Doctor Order: Beginning in early July, Arizona residents will be able to order any laboratory test they want without a doctor’s authorization, under a new law … [Read more...]

Preparing for the New Year: Lab Review, Audit, and Compliance Strategies

Laboratory compliance officers have many duties to oversee or perform throughout the calendar year, some more vital than others. It is important to understand which of those should be prioritized over … [Read more...]