Medicare Exclusions: One Week, Two Different Labs Get the Boot

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Compliance Quiz: Spot the HazCom Mistake

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You Make the Call: Is Replacing Spoiled Products for Free an Anti-Kickback Violation?

The following scenario comes right out of an August 25, 2017 OIG Advisory Opinion. See if you can guess how the OIG ruled. SITUATION A pharmaceutical company manufactures biologics prone to spoilage … [Read more...]


Compliance Quiz: Disciplining Employees for Smoking Pot at Work

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Fixing a Hole in Whistleblower Retaliation Protection

SITUATION Fictional Laboratories (FL) plans to deliberately bill Medicare for tests it does not actually provide. To carry out the scheme, it orders Pathologist A to falsely attest that she performed … [Read more...]


How Much Time Does OSHA Have to Cite Labs for Recordkeeping Violations?

GROUND RULE OSHA Recordkeeping Regulations (Section 1904.33) require labs and other employers to retain accurate illness and injury records) for 5 years. OSHA has a 6-month window to issue … [Read more...]


Managing Kickback Risks in Lab Sales & Marketing Arrangements

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Spot the Compliance Mistake(s): Customized Test Panels & Medical Necessity

SITUATION As a convenience to clients, Nonexistent Laboratories (NL) offers medical groups the option of designing their own customized test panels. NL requires the medical director of the group to … [Read more...]


What Not to Do: Customized Test Panels

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The 6 Things Labs Need to Know About the Trump Travel Ban

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