Enforcement and Guidance Efforts Serve as Reminder: Re-evaluate and Update Your Compliance Plans

Laboratories should revisit their compliance programs now that the government has released its latest report on the success of its fraud-fighting efforts as well as new compliance guidance for health … [Read more...]

Stark and Anti-Kickback Issues Expected to Increase for Laboratories in 2015

Health care experts and attorneys predict 2015 will be a significant year for Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigations of physician self-referral (Stark) and … [Read more...]

OIG-Sanctioned Checks: All Labs Do Them, But Questions Remain

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Labs Must Comply With New OSHA Standard

Arevised labeling standard issued by the U.S. Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has implications for clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories that must certify … [Read more...]

Compliance Perspectives: The Two Faces of Government Advice: Reliance on Agency Counsel May Not Always Be Reasonable

Clinical laboratories and pathologists frequently struggle with issues related to Medicare payment and compliance. It’s no wonder. One court stated recently, “Picture a law written by James Joyce and … [Read more...]

G2 Compliance Perspectives: New Year Presents Compliance Officers With Challenges and Opportunities

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Incorporating the 2014 OIG Work Plan Into Your Annual Review Processes

The Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) released its 2014 work plan on Jan. 31, an important guide for all health care providers in determining priorities for the year. The … [Read more...]

Wall Street Journal Article Illustrates Increased Compliance Risks for Labs

Health care fraud, waste, and abuse, and their impact on health care costs and patient care, is a very public issue in 2014 as several clinical laboratories found out the hard way when the Wall Street … [Read more...]

Preparing for the New Year: Lab Review, Audit, and Compliance Strategies

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Compliance Corner

Is there a regulation that requires a hospital to pay pathologists for administrative duties, such as oversight of the laboratory and other traditional duties typically performed by a hospital … [Read more...]