Compliance Perspectives: New Stark Rules Offer Some Physician Kickback Relief but Not Nearly Enough

As a lab compliance officer, you have better things to do with your time than read government budget bills. But what you do need to know is that the new federal Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 includes … [Read more...]


Compliance Perspectives: Avoid Privacy Pitfalls in Pandemic Planning & Response

Although not officially a pandemic, the 2018 flu season has been the worst in nearly a decade. So why not use it as an opportunity to review your lab's pandemic preparations—or, if you haven't already … [Read more...]


Compliance Perspectives: Can You Require Lab Workers to Get a Flu Shot?

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5 Common Sexual Harassment Policy Blind Spots & How to Fix Them

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The 10 Assumptions NOT to Make when Doing Your OSHA 300s

December is here and it's time for the logs. No, not the yule logs—the OSHA 300 logs! It's time to get the year's injury and illness records in order and start getting the OSHA 300A ready for the Feb. … [Read more...]


CMS Finalizes Controversial PAMA Fee Schedule

It's official. Brushing aside fierce lab industry opposition, CMS has decided to go forward with its PAMA Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule (CLFS) in 2018. The Flawed Fee Schedule The intent of the … [Read more...]


PAMA-Geddon: Proposed 2018 Lab Pay Rates Are a Bloodbath

There will be no delay; and And hospital labs will remain excluded from "applicable laboratories" on which supposed market rate payments for lab tests will be based. Those were the first … [Read more...]

Compliance Perspectives: Private Sector Joins the Battle against Lab Fraud

The crackdown on lab fraud has been going on for decades. But now the dynamics are changing. While federal prosecutors and private whistleblowers continue to supply most of the impetus, they have been … [Read more...]


10 Traps to Avoid When Investigating Potential Whistleblower Complaints

If one of your employees comes forward to report a billing, coding, reimbursement or other potential violation, the liability of your lab will turn on two critical questions: Is the employee … [Read more...]


False Billing of Nuclear Stress Tests at Center of $50 Million Cardio Fraud Scheme

The feds arrested a cardiologist, neurologist and four others for their role in an elaborate fraud scheme. The government contends that over a 12- year period, the defendants' New York City medical … [Read more...]