Florida Providers Shell Out $733K+ for Self-Disclosed Lab Test Kickbacks

Case: The OIG entered into separate settlement agreements with the three providers involved in a self-disclosed kickback arrangement. Although the details weren't disclosed, Orlando Foot & Ankle … [Read more...]


Federal Jury Finds Trio Guilty of $3.5 Million Lab Kickback Conspiracy

Case: Three men from the Chicago area were convicted of taking bribes for sending blood, urine and saliva samples to St. Louis lab AMS Medical Laboratory, Inc. for testing subsequently billed to … [Read more...]


Device Company Pays Nearly $20 Million to Settle MD Bribe Claims

Case: Former sales managers of Covidien LP filed a whistleblower suit accusing the firm of providing free or discounted marketing and practice development services to California and Florida physicians … [Read more...]


Case of the Month: Feds Target Doctors Who Took Kickbacks from HDL

When it comes to breaking up lab kickback schemes, federal enforcers start with the lab that paid the kickbacks and then turn to the downstream providers that accepted them. This was the pattern in … [Read more...]


Labs In Court: A roundup of recent cases and enforcement actions involving the diagnostics industry

IBM Shells Out $14.8 Million to Settle Claims of Overselling ACA Software Case: The DOJ contends that IBM and Cúram Software, the company it acquired in 2011, misrepresented the capabilities of … [Read more...]


Co-Owner of Kentucky Lab Pleads Guilty to Reference Lab Conspiracy

Case: This story is about a medical billing firm T. Monroe Medical Billing and its toxicology lab client Compliance Advantage LLC (CAL) that were partially owned by the same gentleman. The problems … [Read more...]


Authors of Genetic Testing Conspiracy Jailed for Preying on Seniors

Case: It's off to jail for the ringleaders of a conspiracy to bill Medicare for $430K worth of genetic tests. The leading defendant, a lab sales rep, posed as a representative of The Good Samaritans … [Read more...]


Atlanta Medical Group Execs Jailed for $8.5 Million Allergy Testing Scheme

Case: The two owners of now defunct Primera Medical Group pled guilty to criminal charges for their role in billing insurers for allergy blood tests that weren't medically necessary, ordered by a … [Read more...]


56 Months’ Jail for Lab Technician Caught in Texas Toxicology Scam

Case: A former toxicology testing company account rep pled guilty to conspiring with a medical clinic lab technician to steal patient identities and urine specimens from the clinic and send them to … [Read more...]


PacBio Settles Lawsuits with Shareholders Over Illumina Acquisition

Case: In November 2018, Illumina agreed to acquire Pacific Biosciences for $1.2 billion. Disappointed with the $8 per share acquisition price, PacBio shareholders filed five different class action … [Read more...]