Lab and Pathology Coding and Billing Update for 2019



What Every Clinical and Anatomic Pathology Lab Needs Know and Do to Comply with the Sweeping New Medicare and Medicaid Coding and Billing Changes that Take Effect January 1, 2019

Presenter: Diana Voorhees
  Principal, DV & Associates, Inc.
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: $299.00

Get the Practical Help You Need to Comply with the New 2019 Coding & Billing Changes and Protect Your Reimbursements

Virtually every clinical and anatomic pathology lab in America is affected by new Medicare and Medicaid coding and billing changes that take effect January 1, 2019.

Whether you are a small lab, or large nationwide lab service, you are confronted with a flood of new codes, revised codes, and deleted codes on the Clinical Lab Fee Schedule … changes to the Physician Fee Schedule … revised instructions and code descriptorsnew crosswalks … critical changes to the coverage determination process … and MUCH MORE!

Make no mistake: to MAINTAIN CODING EFFICIENCY, PREVENT CLAIM DENIALS, AVOID BILLING CONFUSION, and GET MAXIMUM LEGAL REIMBURSEMENT, it is absolutely critical to understand the new coding changes and new billing policies and procedures that directly affect your chargemaster updates for 2019.

Get the Practical Help You Need to Comply with the New 2019 Coding & Billing Changes and Protect Your Reimbursements

Diana Voorhees, one of the industry’s leading coding and billing experts, will give you the practical “how-to” help you need to understand and comply with the new changes … along with practical tips to help you get fully and accurately reimbursed for your lab services.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn in this Webinar Recording:
  • You’ll get a full rundown on the new 2019 Medicare coding and billing changes, including new codes, revised codes, and deleted codes, along with the
    latest coding updates and billing guidance that affect obstetrics, immunology, chemistry, microbiology, pathology, molecular coding, and virtually every other are of lab activity for 2019.

  • You’ll get the latest Correct Coding Initiative edits from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • You’ll find out how to apply the latest coverage and payment changes associated with Medicare fee schedules for clinical laboratories and pathologists
  • You’ll get a rundown on the new market-based rates for lab services under PAMA that dramatically
    change or cut Medicare lab reimbursements
  • You’ll get details on the new CPT coding changes for 2019
  • You’ll get updates on the latest recommendations regarding crosswalks for new and revised codes and what they mean for your reimbursement
  • And Much More

The 90 minutes you spend with Diana Voorhees – one of the lab industry’s leading experts on coding and billing – will give you a crystal-clear understanding of what you need to know and do to integrate the new coding changes and procedures into your chargemaster as quickly and easily as possible.

Your Presenter:

Diana Voorhees, M.A., CLS, MT, SH, CLCP, CPCO

Diana Voorhees is the Principal of DV & Associates Inc., a coding and reimbursement firm that consults in all physician specialties and in all out-patient settings. Ms. Voorhees consults in pathology, radiology, oncology, and other diagnostic and therapeutic specialties.

Ms. Voorhees began her career in laboratory medicine at the Division of Hematology, Department of Medicine, at the University of Utah. She has also worked with the Division of Hematology at The Ohio State University, the Clinical Chemistry Department at Holy Cross Hospital in Salt Lake City, and the Special Hematology and Hemostasis Laboratory at the University of Utah. In addition, she spent 14 years as an Associate Clinical Professor of Medical Laboratory Sciences in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Utah where she also served as Program Director in cytotechnology in the Department of Pathology. Ms. Voorhees, has also provided technical support, customer training, and education at Coulter Corporation, and spent nearly five years developing and marketing consulting services for Med-Index/Medicode, a national coding and reimbursement consulting firm.