Laboratory Services in Accountable Care Organizations

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“Laboratories should be proactive and engage in ACO discussions early. When asked: ‘If you were starting over again, what would you do differently?’ nearly half of the laboratory directors surveyed said they would get a seat at the table earlier and be more involved in ACO discussions.” – Excerpt, Laboratory Services in Accountable Care Organizations

It’s no secret. The number of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) has grown rapidly, from 46 in 2010 to 664 in August 2014.

Growth in covered lives is also increasing … a recent study estimates the number has already reached 20.5 million.

What does that mean for your lab? That opportunities in ACOs are waiting for you.

  • If you haven’t been involved with an ACO, are you ready now?
  • And if you are, wouldn’t you like to learn how to get a bigger piece of the pie?

In either case, this new research from G2 Intelligence can get you started.

Industry experts – and ACO executives interviewed by G2 Intelligence – agree that ACOs will continue to evolve and grow, due to shared interest by both payers and providers. ACOs and their affiliated labs are already setting new standards that will lead to changes in the performance of non-ACOs and independent labs.

Laboratory Services in Accountable Care Organizations is the first and only research report to take a comprehensive look at laboratory services in ACOs.

With 200 pages and over 90 tables, the report provides a detailed overview of:

  1. the multi-faceted changes laboratories are experiencing in ACOs
  2. the full potential of laboratory contributions in helping health care organizations achieve their business goals
  3. how laboratories are navigating the emerging value-based health care market, increasing the perceived value of laboratory services in health care organizations, and creating a bright financial future for themselves

Consider these facts taken straight from the pages of Laboratory Services in ACOs:

More than 50 percent of ACO executives believe that providing lab services adds value to their organization. And, 75 percent of laboratory directors report that their laboratories have made visible contributions to helping ACOs achieve their business goals.

It’s clear that among ACO executives, there is a high expectation that labs can and will continue to succeed in ACOs. This could be the perfect time for your lab to step up.

According to our proprietary G2 Intelligence surveys, ACOs envision a broader mission for labs in providing improved patient care and outcomes through value-added services, such as making clinical recommendations in reports … providing interpretive support … working with clinicians to develop treatment plans … and more.

And embracing that broader mission could mean a larger share of revenues for your laboratory, especially as you increase your value-added services.

It’s a brave new world. Whether you’re an ACO executive, an ACO-affiliated laboratory director, an independent lab owner or a pathologist, this is the report that will help you better understand what the future holds for laboratories.

Please, send for your copy of Laboratory Services in Accountable Care Organizations today. It’ll be the best investment you make this year.

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Jenny Xu, Ph.D., Director of Research
Xu joins G2 from the global consultancy, ZS Associates. Her experience also includes full service market research firm, Harris Interactive. She earned her Ph.D. with honors from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California.

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