What is Your Lab’s Cost of Poor Quality? How to Demonstrate the Value of Your Quality Efforts to Financial Decision-Makers

What is Your Lab's Cost of Poor Quality? How to Demonstrate the Value of Your Quality Efforts to Financial Decision-Makers


Increasingly, the idea of Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ) has been gaining traction as a way to demonstrate the benefits of investment in quality to financial decision makers.

At the same time, many lab managers are questioning how their labs can justify necessary resources for their quality programs in order to achieve quality goals.  Much recent interest has focused on how capturing CoPQ as part of non-conforming event management can help you to justify investment in your quality program.

But what is CoPQ?  Why is it important to measure your lab’s CoPQ?  How do you measure it?  How can you use CoPQ to clearly demonstrate the value of your lab’s quality efforts?

In this 60-minute webinar recording, Jennifer Dawson, Senior Director, Quality at Human Longevity, will take a close look at the rapidly-emerging interest in CoPQ and the value CoPQ can offer to your quality efforts, including:

  • What Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ) is and why it is important to measuring your lab’s quality efforts.
  • Why quality should be seen as cost savings and cost avoidance and not merely a cost center for regulatory compliance.
  • Methodologies to capture and track CoPQ.
  • The components of CoPQ and how to differentiate between hard and soft costs.
  • How labs can use CoPQ to demonstrate a return on investment for quality improvement efforts.
  • And Much More!

This webinar is your opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what CoPQ is, how to measure CoPQ, and how you can use CoPQ as a powerful tool to both improve your quality management system and justify your quality management efforts.

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About Your Presenter
Jennifer Dawson is a Lab Quality Management Leader and advocate for lab quality and patient safety. She is Senior Director, Quality, for Human Longevity, Inc.; Affiliate Faculty, Health Services Administration at Regis University; and a Lab Quality Consultant.Ms. Dawson recently completed a 2 year term on the CLMA Board of Directors and currently serves on the CLSI Quality Management Systems Expert Panel, and the AACC Management Sciences & Patient Safety Executive Committee. She also serves on the National Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award Board of Examiners and serves on the ASCLS Patient Safety Committee.