Model Code of Conduct for Virtual Meetings

Far from eliminating workplace harassment, telecommuting has only caused it to morph into digital forms. As a result, labs and other employers need to tweak their harassment policies to deal with the … [Read more...]


Model Lab Workplace Vaccine Passport Policy

Although courts have yet to weigh in on the issue, guidelines from the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other regulatory agencies indicate that employers may implement vaccine passports … [Read more...]


Tool: Model COVID-19 Workplace Hazard Assessment Policy

Among other things, the new OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) requires labs and other covered employers to conduct a workplace hazard assessment to identify COVID-19 hazards. Here’s a Model … [Read more...]


Can Employees Who Wrongly Flunk Drug/Alcohol Test Sue the Testing Lab for Medical Malpractice?

In addition to potentially fatal misdiagnoses and erroneous treatment decisions, mistakes during the specimen collection and testing process can expose your lab to risk of liability under state … [Read more...]


Model Lab Employee Remote Monitoring of Telecommuters Policy

Letting employees telecommute poses significant operational and management challenges to labs, not the least of which is ensuring that employees are actually doing their jobs and meeting expected … [Read more...]


Who Has OSHA Responsibility for the Health & Safety of a Temp?

What are your OSHA duties to temporary workers (“temps”) whom you hire from a temp agency to work at your lab? Stated differently, are you or the temp agency responsible for the temp’s health and … [Read more...]


Haz Com and the OSHA Rules for Electronic SDS Systems

When the OSHA Hazard Communication (Hazcom) standard was first written, what were then called Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) (and which are now called Safety Data Sheets (SDS) were kept almost … [Read more...]


Model Lab Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection Policy

Complying with the usual CLIA, accreditation and other hygiene standards and requirements may not be adequate to protect workers and others present at your lab facilities against risk of COVID-19 … [Read more...]


Model Social Distancing Policy

As the pandemic drags on, labs and other essential businesses that remain open must be scrupulous to ensure employees maintain social distancing both at and away from the workplace. Here’s a Model … [Read more...]

Tool: Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

It behooves you to ensure that lab workers get vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect not only themselves but also co-workers, patients and others at your facility. But what if workers neglect or just … [Read more...]