Will the site change how I access my reports?

No, the new redesign will not impact how you access reports. To access reports, you can either choose the “Reports” dropdown in the main navigation or choose the specific report (Diagnostic Testing and Emerging Technologies, Lab Compliance Advisor, Lab Industry Report, or National Lab Reporter) in the secondary navigation menu.

Will this impact how I get charged or my subscription end date?

All orders and existing subscriptions will not be impacted with this change.

What does the new site mean for me?

The site will look and feel better but, in terms of content, there are no major changes. (The team is hard at work to get new content out!)

Where can I buy reports?

Reports can be purchased through the “Subscribe Today” buttons or through the Store, formerly known as the “Book Store,” in the main navigation menu.

Where is the book store?

The Book Store has been renamed to “Store.”

Where is the Live Events tab?

The Live Events tab has been changed to “Webinars.”