What products does G2 Intelligence offer?

G2 Intelligence offers one main publication, Lab Industry Advisor. Lab Industry Advisor (LIA) covers key developments in compliance, legal, regulatory, and business topics important to clinical laboratories. This publication, which is offered through a subscription, offers monthly articles, as well as special reports and analysis, based on which tier readers subscribe to.

G2 also offers a smaller, monthly publication that focuses on key science and technology-related issues of importance to the clinical laboratory and diagnostics industries—Clinical Diagnostics Insider (formerly named Diagnostic Testing & Emerging Technologies). Clinical Diagnostics Insider (CDI) is also offered via a subscription. LIA subscribers who select the Elite subscription level also get full access to CDI in addition to all LIA content. (Test)

What is the pricing for these products?

Readers can find pricing information for these products on our subscriptions page.

What happened to G2’s old reports? Where can I access these old products?

To simplify and enhance G2’s offerings and avoid overlap, three of G2’s old monthly reports—National Lab Reporter, Lab Compliance Advisor, and Laboratory Industry Report—were combined into one larger publication—Lab Industry Advisor—that covers all of the topics previously included in those three reports. G2’s fourth monthly report—Diagnostic Testing & Emerging Technologies—was renamed to Clinical Diagnostics Insider to better reflect the content.

These old reports can be accessed from the Briefings Archive tab in the main navigation bar of the G2 website.


What about G2’s standalone reports? Are those still being offered?

Though we continue to sell G2’s old standalone reports in the G2 Store, we aren’t currently offering new standalone reports, but will provide some of this updated content as part of Lab Industry Advisor subscriptions, depending on which tier readers select. However, the G2 Intelligence team is exploring standalone reports and will let readers know if we plan to offer them again in the future.