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LABcast: Out of Network: Frequently Asked Questions

  Handout: Slides Presenters: Richa Singh, EVP, CollectRx; and John Bartos, CEO, CollectRx LABcast sponsored webinar:Out of Network: Frequently Asked Questions Out-of-network reimbursements remain a viable option for providers, but many facilities struggle...

LABcast: OUT-OF-NETWORK: Recent Market Developments

Presenter: Richa Singh, Executive Vice President, Collect Rx, Inc. LABcast sponsored webinar: OUT-OF-NETWORK: Recent Market Developments During the Labcast, you will learn: How payors are using silent PPOs to decrease your payments What the payors don’t want you to...

A blue and white promo for the G2 Intelligence 2022 Lab Institute Virtual Event for clinical labs

G2’s Lab Institute Free Virtual Event

Our annual Lab Institute event will return November 8-9 as a free virtual event.