Navigating stepped-up investigations, audits, & enforcement actions

National Lab Reporter - September 2023

This month, we explore Medicare genetic testing overpayments, why the new TCET rule likely won’t speed up breakthrough device coverage, and possible Part B payment cuts to physicians.

Diagnostic Testing & Emerging Technologies – September 2023

We cover the economic burden of diagnostic error, the FDA proceeding without Congress on laboratory-developed test reform, and what the latest CFTR screening recommendations mean for labs.

Lab Compliance Advisor – September 2023

This issue shares how to achieve a successful FDA cGMP inspection through a pre-inspection audit, how to comply with the 60-Day Rule, and ensuring proper documentation for laboratory services.

Laboratory Industry Report – September 2023

In our latest report, we cover how new FTC rules could chill healthcare mergers and acquisitions, the top 10 clinical lab acquisitions of 2023, and the latest in COVID-19 testing.


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Diagnostic Testing & Emerging Technologies

Keeps you up-to-date on new diagnostic tests, testing trends and opportunities, and emerging test technologies

Lab Compliance Advisor

Offers practical, “what-to-do” and “how-to-do-it” help to comply with the latest state and federal laws, rules, and regulations that affect your diagnostic lab or pathology practice

Laboratory Industry Report

Keeps you up-to-date on lab business and competitive strategy, market trends and opportunities, and M&A and investment activity in today’s diagnostic lab industry

National Lab Reporter

Keeps you up-to-date on federal and state laws, regulations, new legislation, and court cases that affect your diagnostic lab or pathology practice