G2 Guide to Clinical Lab Sales & Marketing Compliance

Now Available from the G2 Master Compliance Series:

Practical “How-to” Help to Comply with the Sales and Marketing Laws That Affect Clinical Labs, including the Latest Anti-Kickback Statue, Stark Law, and EKRA Regulations.

If your lab is ever unfortunate enough to be charged under the Anti-Kickback Statute, or Stark Law, it’s a good statistical bet it will be due to a sales or marketing violation.

CMS, OIG, and DOJ are highly suspicious of business arrangements between labs and physicians.  The energy and scope of sales and marketing enforcement continue to grow rapidly as lab-physician deals multiply and become more complex.

To help your lab navigate these often complex laws, and avoid costly compliance pitfalls, G2 Intelligence has just released an important new 26-page Special Report: G2 Guide to Clinical Lab Sales & Marketing Compliance.

Here is just a sample of the help your new Special Report delivers:

  • Federal Anti-Kickback Statute: The Two Activities Banned Under AKS, The Broad Interpretation of “Remuneration”, Why Fair Market Value is a Trigger Point, Why Remuneration Need Not Actually Be Paid, Overview of AKS Safe Harbors, Statutory Safe Harbors, Regulatory Safe Harbors, 9 Business Arrangements That May Qualify For Safe Harbor Treatment, 5 New OIG AKS Regulatory Safe Harbors, 7 New Transportation Arrangements That May Qualify As Safe Harbors, Pharmacy Cost-Sharing Waivers, Emergency Ambulance Cost-Sharing Waivers, AKS Criminal and Administrative Penalties
  • The Stark Law: What the Physician Self-Referral Law (Stark Law) Prohibits, The Legal Definition of “Designated Health Services”, The 3 Major Stark Law Exemptions, The Stark Law And “Strict Liability”: Why Specific Intent To Violate Is Not Required, The 4 Stark Law Exceptions, In-Office Ancillary Services Exception, Fair Market Compensation Exception, Indirect Compensation Exception, Non-Monetary Exception, Why A Violation May Fall Within The Stark Law Exceptions But Still Violate AKS, Stark Law Legislative Relief: Impact Of The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, How To Meet The Writing And Signature Requirements, 4 Ways To Meet Holdover Lease And Personal Services Agreement Exception, Pending Stark Law Regulatory Relief, Comparison of Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute Penalties
  • Anti-Kickback Laws And Value-Based Care: Why Anti-Kickback Laws Don’t Work In Today’s Value-Based Care Arrangements, Why Value-Based Care Arrangements Often Trigger Anti-Kickback Red Flags, Why Proposed Changes Allowing For Value-Based Care Arrangements DON’T Apply To Labs, 8 Key Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute Value-Based Changes Labs Need To Know About, Proposed Elimination Of Stark “Period Of Disallowance”, Proposed Annual $3,500 Stark Exception For Lab Payments To Physicians
  • The Eliminating Kickbacks In Recovery Act Of 2018 (EKRA): Why EKRA Casts Doubt On The Business And Compensation Arrangements That Labs Reply On To Satisfy Stark And AKS, New Penalties of Up to $200K and 10 Years In Prison For Paying Remuneration to Induce Referrals to Labs, 4 Potentially Problematic Arrangements Under EKRA, The New Danger of Marketing Bonuses and Incentives, Marketing Commissions Under EKRA, Are Doctor’s Offices with Labs In EKRA Danger?, Doubtful Legality of Existing Lab ACO Participation Arrangements, and MORE!

Make No Mistake: Failure to comply with lab sales and marketing rules and regulations can be extremely costly to your lab. This new Special Report gives you critical help to safely navigate Stark, AKS, EKRA and other requirements, and help you avoid very costly fines and penalties.

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