How to Spot and Avoid the 18 Most Deadly Clinical Lab Compliance Traps

Now Available from the G2 Master Compliance Series:

How to Spot and Avoid the 18 Most Deadly Clinical Lab Compliance Traps

Practical “How-to” Help to Identify and Avoid the 18 Mostly Common and Costly Anti-Kickback Statue, Stark Law, and EKRA Compliance Violations.

The easiest and most effective ways to protect your clinical lab from potentially devastating legal and financial penalties is to closely and continuously monitor the 18 principal risk areas for AKS, Stark and EKRA liability.

These are the 18 areas of lab business that are most targeted by the OIG, CMS, or DOJ for investigation.  If your lab is targeted, odds are the investigation will focus on one or more of these areas of compliance violation.

To help your lab identify these 18 areas of risk and run a quick and easy check to avoid potentially costly compliance problems BEFORE they arise, G2 Intelligence has just released a new 32-page Special Report: How to Spot and Avoid the 18 Mostly Deadly Clinical Lab Compliance Traps.

Here are just 7 of the compliance traps your new Special Report covers.  Are you monitoring these 7 deadly traps at your lab?

  • Contract Sales Personnel: The 7 Rules You Should ALWAYS Obey When Engaging ANY Contract Sales Staff, and the One Type of Compensation that Will Never Meet the Exception Requirements
  • Billing Company Contract Liability Risks: The 2 Factors the OIG Most Often Cites as “Problematic” and the 7 Critical Criteria That Should Always Guide the Structuring of Your Contracts
  • Paying Health Care Professionals for Personal or Professional Services: The 3 Key Exception Requirements Labs Must Meet When Hiring Physicians as Employees, and the 6 Key Guidelines Lab Should Follow When Hiring Health Care Professionals as Contractors
  • Placing Lab Employees in a Physician’s Office: The 5 Rules to Always Follow to Make Sure Your Arrangement Meets OIG, AKS and Stark Standards
  • Specimen Processing Arrangements: The 5 “Red Flags” the OIG Targets as Evidence That Your Arrangement May Be Unlawful and a More Legally Sound Alternatives Your Lab May Want to Consider
  • Registry Payments: The 7 Criteria the OIG Uses to Identify Potentially Unlawful Arrangements and The Single Most Important Step You Can Take to Help Reduce Risk
  • Leasing Or Renting Space from Physicians: The 4 Requirements Your Lease Must Meet to Satisfy the AKS and Stark Space Rental Exception and the Most Common Complication that Arises from Lease Arrangements

These are just 7 of the most common and costly compliance traps your lab must safely navigate under the latest OIG, CMS, and DOJ guidelines.  Most can be equally deadly to your labs financial and legal stability.  All require continuous monitoring to make sure your lab avoids legal problems BEFORE they arise.

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