AI Using Laboratory Data to Inform Clinical Decisions

Artificial intelligence- (AI-) based technology is beginning to penetrate health care. Like most other clinical decision-making, several early AI applications rely upon laboratory data. While … [Read more...]


Metabolite Panel May ID Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorder

A group of blood metabolites help detect some children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to a study published Sept. 6 in Biological Psychiatry. This panel may indicate alterations in … [Read more...]


Rapid Molecular Testing Saves Hospitals Time, Money Ruling Out TB

Molecular testing facilitates faster discontinuation of respiratory isolation for individuals undergoing evaluation for active tuberculosis (TB) in U.S. hospitals, according to a study published Aug. … [Read more...]


Point-of-Care Test Can Increase Access to Toxoplasma Testing

A novel fingerstick test may improve access to Toxoplasma gondii testing for pregnant women, according to a study published Aug. 16 in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. The study demonstrates that the … [Read more...]


Blood Test Can Cut Unnecessary Ultrasounds to Rule Out Blood Clots

D-dimer (DD) testing is still underutilized for the assessment of deep venous thrombosis (DVT), according to a study published in the July issue of the Annals of Vascular Surgery. Further, DD testing … [Read more...]


Drug Testing Remains Low Among Patients on Long-Term Opioids

A more universal approach to administering and responding to urine drug testing is needed, according to a study published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Only one in five patients receiving long-term … [Read more...]


Diagnostics Lagging for Tickborne Infections

The incidence of tickborne infections is on the rise in the United States. Yet, prevention and management of these infections are hampered by inadequate diagnostics, according to a perspective … [Read more...]


Guidelines at a Glance

ASCO Endorses CAP's Guidelines for HPV Testing in Head and Neck Carcinomas The American Society of Clinical Oncology has endorsed the clinical guidelines developed by the College of American … [Read more...]


Preimplantation Genetic Testing Improves IVF Outcomes

Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A) can mitigate the negative effects of maternal age on in vitro fertilization (IVF) outcomes by selecting normal embryos that are more likely to … [Read more...]


New Test Aids Lung Cancer Risk Assessment, But Survival Benefit of Comprehensive Sequencing Questioned

Lung cancer-related testing is receiving a lot of attention, but recent results appear to show mixed benefits for these emerging tests. There is an urgent need to improve lung cancer risk assessment, … [Read more...]