Employment Law Update

New overtime rule now in effect

By Mike O’Brien bio Jan. 1, 2020 was the deadline to comply with new FLSA overtime rule. At the end of September the Department of Labor issued its long-awaited final rule updating the salary … [Read more...]


Accessions Disappearing or Not Getting Billed?

By Sean McSweeney bio Ever get that feeling that there should be more charges in the billing system? How many times have you or someone else said something like “we did 3000 samples last month, but … [Read more...]


5 ways to break down bureaucracies to get payer contracts

By Steve Selbst bio It is important to remember that payers are large companies, with protocols, policies and business practices. As with any large company, there are bureaucracies, and they are … [Read more...]


FDA Watch: Agency Targets Sale of IVD Reagents without Premarket Approval

Distribution of diagnostics and devices without premarket approval has featured prominently on the FDA’s enforcement priority list this year. The agency has issued seven warning letters related to … [Read more...]


Utilization: Study Finds that Distribution of Free Self-Tests Increases HIV Testing & Awareness

Internet distribution of free HIV self-tests can boost testing, promote awareness among high-risk individuals resulting in less incidence of transmitting the disease. These are the key findings of a … [Read more...]

Genetic Testing

Precision Medicine: Are Primary Care Providers Prepared to Interpret Genetic Testing Results?

Specialists might be the best choice to interpret genetic testing results, but primary care providers may be positioned to do so when specialists are not available, a new study has found. And that is … [Read more...]

Genetic Tests: NCCN Updates Genetic Breast, Ovarian & Pancreatic Testing Guidelines

On Dec. 4, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) issued updated guidelines for use of genetic testing to assess the risk of breast, ovarian and pancreatic cancer. The headliners of the new … [Read more...]

Genetic Testing: Proposed New Medicare Coverage Rules for NGS Germline Testing of Early-Stage Cancer Patients

Medicare coverage of germline next-generation sequencing (NGS) panels for early-stage cancer patient has been a topic of controversy of late. The problem began when the Centers for Medicare and … [Read more...]

Emerging Tests: New Study Supports Feasibility of At-Home Urine Prostate Cancer Testing

One of the most challenging aspects of prostate cancer diagnosis is collecting urine samples from patients. In addition to being highly uncomfortable, post-digital rectal examination collection yields … [Read more...]


Pay rates, vacations while recovering, gig economy

By Mike O’Brien bio Department of Labor enters final stage of update to ‘regular rate’ rule under FLSA. As we have discussed previously in these updates, the Department of Labor has been working to … [Read more...]