Diagnostic Testing and Emerging Technologies Newsletter Archive

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Daily Update

Tests with EUA

COVID-19 LAB TESTS RECEIVING FDA EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION ((s) = Serology Test (a) = Antigen Test (t) = Total Antibody Test (m) = Multi-analyte Test) Date Manufacturer(s) Test … [Read more...]

Current Issue of DTET

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FDA Watch

2020 Was a Record Year for New Medical Device Approvals—And Not Just for COVID-19

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. But, historically, invention has never been the problem for creators of novel medical devices; the real challenge for these inventors has been more … [Read more...]


FDA Clears Neutralizing Antibodies Detection Test for COVID-19

Innovative new COVID-19 tests continue to emerge from the pipeline. One of the novel diagnostic products that has flown slightly under the radar is the cPass SARS-CoV-2 Neutralization Antibody … [Read more...]


Hologic Partners with Google Cloud to Enhance Cervical Cancer Screening

Hologic, Inc. announced on Feb. 1 that it has entered into a multi-year strategic collaboration with Google Cloud to augment the screening of cervical cancer by the integration of Google Cloud’s … [Read more...]

Genetic Testing

New Study Shows Viability of Using Ancestry to Compare Prostate Cancer Risk Across Populations

Ancestry has been shown to be a risk factor for prostate cancer. Unfortunately, we know very little about why men of certain races and ethnicities are more prone to get it, let alone how to use … [Read more...]

Emerging Tests

New Genomic Test Can Eliminate Up to One-Third of Medically Unnecessary Prostate Cancer Biopsies

Genetic testing has been shown to be effective in detecting prostate cancer and eliminating the need for unnecessary biopsies. And even though the current commercial market for such tests is crowded, … [Read more...]

Testing Strategy

The Biden Administration Initiates New Plan for National COVID-19 Testing

As with any other aspect of public life, the philosophy and views of the individual occupying the White House ultimately impact the direction of healthcare and diagnostics in the U.S. However, when a … [Read more...]

The Business of Testing

Hospital Laboratories Take a Stand Against Controversial UnitedHealthcare Outpatient Reimbursement Policy

The cold war between hospital laboratories and the nation’s third largest health insurer, UnitedHealthcare (UHC), over reimbursement of diagnostic tests is getting hotter by the day. At the center of … [Read more...]