G2 Guide to COVID-19 Fraud Enforcement & Compliance

Now Available from the G2 Master Compliance Series:

G2 Guide to COVID-19 Fraud Enforcement & Compliance

Practical “How-to” Help to Take Full and Legal Advantage of Relaxed Compliance and Enforcement Provisions While Avoiding Costly Fines and Penalties

Dear Lab Professionals:

On January 1, 2020, the Department of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency (PHE) to deal with COVID-19.

This declaration brings with it a flood of both positive and negative legal ramifications that affect virtually EVERY lab involved in COVID-19 testing.

To help your lab navigate these new changes, avoid costly compliance pitfalls, and take full and legal advantage of relaxed compliance and enforcement provisions, G2 Intelligence has just released an important new 24-page special report: The Impact of COVID-19 on Lab Enforcement & Compliance.

Here is just a sample of the help your new Special Report delivers:

  • Waivers & Temporary Relief from Stark and AKS Restrictions: Impact of the Public Health Services Act, HHS Section 1135 Blanket Waivers of Stark Law restrictions, Relaxation of AKS Penalties for Permitted COVID-19 Testing Relationships, Eligibility Criteria for Blanket Waivers, Limits to OIG’s AKS Non-Enforcement Policy, CMS Blanket Waivers for 18 Types of Business Arrangements, Differences Between OIG Non-Enforcement Policy and CMS Blanket Waivers, Criteria for Automatic Approval for Blanket Waivers, OIG Advisory Opinions
  • Billing & Coding of COVID-19 Testing: Impact of the FFCRA and CARES Acts, Cost Sharing Requirements, Prior Authorization and Other Medical Utilization Requirements, 3 Key Points Lab Managers Must Know to Ensure Proper Test Reimbursement, COVID-19 Tests Covered, Impact of Recent CARES Amendments on Reimbursements, How CMS Waivers Expand Coverage Rules for COVID-19 Testing, Expansion of Eligible Test Orderers, Written Order Waivers, Billing of Specimen Collection Fees, Coverage of Serology Tests, Which Labs Can Bill for Specimen Collection, Specimen Collection Fees, Coding Specimen Collection Fees, Test Billing Compliance “Red Flags”, 3 What-to-Dos to Satisfy Medicare and Private Payors.
  • COVID-19 Test Data Reporting Requirements: New State and Local Reporting Requirements for Labs who Perform Covid-19 Testing, How to Tell If Your Lab Is Required to Report, When Your Lab Must Report, To Whom Your Lab Must Report, How Your Lab Must Report Data, What Data Your Lab Must Report, How Your Lab Will Get the Data, Getting Data When Patients Collect Samples at Home, Getting Data When Testing Is Done at Home.
  • New COVID-19 Enforcement Initiatives: Civil and Monetary Penalties for Non-Compliance, COVID-19 Anti-Fraud Initiatives, Growth of Scammers Offering Bogus Testing and Treatments, DOJ Enforcement Actions, and MORE!

If your lab is involved in COVID-19 testing, this new Special Report is absolutely critical reading.  It will help you navigate the new testing and reporting requirements, take maximum legal advantage of relaxed compliance and enforcement provisions, and help you avoid costly fines and penalties.

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