The Counter-Argument to Selling Your Hospital Lab Report

If you are thinking of selling or outsourcing your hospital clinical lab, DON’T MAKE A MOVE until you read this brand-new report.

This new G2 Business Strategy Report by Jeffrey A. Downs and Margaret McMinn, leading lab industry consultants, draws upon the most recent lab industry data and M&A transactions to answer the 3 key questions that confront lab owners who are exploring a sale or outsourcing decision:

  1. Should you outsource or sell part or all of your lab services before reimbursements fall?
  2. Does partnership or joint venture with a commercial lab make more sense economically?
  3. Do you want to maintain ownership or control of your laboratory services?

This 36-page Special G2 Report will take a deep dive into helping you answer to these 3 critical questions — and highlight the often-overlooked pitfalls and hidden costs that may be associated with a sale to a commercial lab.

This Special G2 Report will explore:

  • The true value of your hospital clinical lab
  • Why hospital labs are overlooked and undervalued in today’s market
  • The economics of today’s lab business and alternative lab business models
  • The argument AGAINST selling your lab
  • Risk factors to carefully consider before selling your lab
  • And Much More