Lab Marketing & Staffing: 4 Common Kickback Pitfalls to Avoid

When labs do business with physicians, hospitals, and other providers that refer Medicare patients to them, they must consider the risk of liability under federal and state laws banning the offering, payment, or receipt of kickbacks.

This G2 Intelligence Special Report provides an overview of four key kickback risk areas related to laboratory marketing and staffing, and how to avoid them. Get an in-depth look at non-compliant arrangements related to:

  • Contract Sales Personnel & Commission Agreements
  • Bonuses & Commissions that Run Afoul of EKRA
  • Paying Healthcare Practitioners to Provide Personal or Professional Services
  • Placing Lab Employees in a Referring Physician’s Office

Learn why these arrangements don’t meet compliance requirements and how you can structure your lab marketing and staffing arrangements to ensure compliance with relevant federal and state anti-fraud laws.

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