Telecommuter Home Office Hazard Assessment & Inspection Checklist

While not an OSHA obligation, it’s highly advisable to take measures to protect the health and safety of telecommuting lab employees who work from home. How? By having employees seeking approval to … [Read more...]


Can Racial Discrimination Be Proven with Circumstantial Evidence Alone? 

SITUATION An equipment repair technician who also happens to be the lab’s only African American employee endures racial abuse at the hands of his supervisor and co-workers. He complains to … [Read more...]

TOOL: Mandatory Mask and Face Covering Policy

More than 20 states have enacted laws requiring the use of face masks or coverings in indoor public places, which would include workplaces like medical testing labs. Here’s a Model Policy … [Read more...]


Model COVID-19 Contact Log Sheet

Maintaining social distancing will be the price that labs and other businesses will have to pay to reopen and remain open until the COVID-19 threat goes away. But for social distancing to work, there … [Read more...]


Model COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan

Regulators have made it clear that workplaces, including labs, must implement written plans to control COVID-19 exposure risks at the site. Here’s a Model Plan template your lab can adapt that … [Read more...]

Model COVID-19 Medical Screening Policy

Regulators have made it clear that given the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers may implement pre-screening measures to ensure that people who have or may have the virus don’t … [Read more...]


TOOL: Model Screening Form For Coronavirus COVID-19

We don’t yet know how contagious coronavirus (COVID-19) is but we do know that it can spread via human-to-human contact. We also know that the risk of contracting the diseases is significantly greater … [Read more...]


Compliance Tool: Model In-Office Phlebotomist Agreement

The following Model Agreement between a testing lab and a referring physician was created by Savannah, GA, lab compliance attorney Adam Walters and structured to minimize kickback liability risks to … [Read more...]


Tool: Model PHI Amendment Denial Letter

There are two things you must do to lawfully deny a patient’s request to amend his/her own PHI: i. Have a legal basis for the denial, i.e., at least one of four circumstances described in the main … [Read more...]