DX Deals

Siemens, California Health Network and Biopharm Research Company Partner for Enhanced Liver Fibrosis Testing

Although COVID-19 remains the driving force, non-pandemic-related strategic deal making continues. Among the most impactful deals announced in December is the partnership among Renown Institute for … [Read more...]

FDA Watch

Agency Greenlights First Over-the-Counter, At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kit

Nearly 250 COVID-19 diagnostic tests have gotten Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA since the pandemic started. Almost all of them have been prescription products. In addition, 25 test … [Read more...]

M&A Review

2020 M&A Year in Review: Deal Making Was Low in Volume but High in Impact

Not surprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic exerted a pronounced chilling effect on M&A activity in the diagnostic space as both buyers and sellers adopted a wait-and-see attitude. But the decline in … [Read more...]

M&A Report

CompuGroup Medical Makes Major LIS Play by Acquiring Schuyler House

It seems fitting that the pandemic year of 2020 should end not with a bang but a whimper. December was the slowest month in M&A deal making of not only this year but many years in recent memory … [Read more...]

M&A Report

Look for Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions to Resurge in 2021

Last year at this time, the expectation was that 2020 would be an unusually active year for health care mergers and acquisitions. But the pandemic forced deal makers to shelve their plans and await … [Read more...]

DX Deals

Fitness Wearables Makers Look to Apply Technology for Consumer-Based Diagnostics

Could the Fitbit, smartwatch and other wearable devices be a key to resolving the current COVID-19 testing and other diagnostic challenges? Momentum for applying wearables health and wellness … [Read more...]

M&A Report

Exact Sciences Makes a Bold Double Play to Bolster Its Early Cancer Detection Capabilities

Although volume was light, October was a robust month for M&A deal making in terms of impact, especially in the cancer diagnostics space. The month started with the announcement of Invitae’s … [Read more...]

Diagnostics Deals

JetBlue Partners with Vault Health to Offer Travelers At-Home COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 has greatly complicated air travel from country to country and even state to state. While entrance rules vary from place to place, a number of jurisdictions are allowing travelers to avoid … [Read more...]

M&A Report

Re-Acquisition of Grail to Boost Illumina’s Cancer Presence, but Investors Are Skeptical

M&A activity during the time of COVID-19 has been notable for two and largely incongruous characteristics: scant numbers of overall deals and unexpected, rather curious blockbusters. A month after … [Read more...]

Diagnostics Deals

National Grocery Firm Begins In-Store Sales of Saliva-Based COVID-19 Test Kits

With labs continuing to face supplies shortages, saliva-based COVID-19 test kits that eliminate the need for swabs, lab professionals and PPE during the sample collection process are growing in use. … [Read more...]