DX Earnings Report

Q2 Revenues Slide but By Less than Wall Street Expected

As expected, the COVID-19 pandemic took a tremendous bite out of lab company earnings in the second quarter. However, the losses were largely below expectations, significantly below in many cases. And … [Read more...]

DX Earnings Report

Strong Q1 Earnings Belie the True Financial Devastation of COVID-19

The bad news is that COVID-19 is very, very bad for business; the good news—sort  of—is that the pandemic had just the last few weeks of March to wreak havoc on 2020 Q1 earnings reports. And even that … [Read more...]

Market Trends

New Survey Documents Extent of Lab Business Damage Inflicted by COVID-19

The fact that the lab business is taking a beating as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is hardly news. But a recent survey sheds important new light on the extent of the devastation. The Kalorama … [Read more...]


DX Earnings Report: Lab Market Consolidates but Survivors Stay Strong

PAMA and private payor rate cuts and increased market competitiveness are fueling consolidation and driving smaller, independent labs (other than specialty labs) into near extinction. But the big, … [Read more...]


DX Earnings Report: Markets Soften, Payors Harden but Growth Continues

Lab business is getting tougher. While PAMA cuts are hurting Medicare revenues, pressure from private payors may be even more intense both at the pricing front end and claims denial back end. Economic … [Read more...]


Is Your Billing Company Putting You At Compliance Risk?

By Sean McSweeney  bio Does your orthopedic billing company charge a percentage of collections for their coding and billing? They might break out separate charges for statements or other … [Read more...]


DX Earnings Report: Lab Companies Continue to Grow but at a Slower Rate

The diagnostics industry got off to a so-so start with PAMA reimbursement cuts, a weak flu season relative to 2018 and currency translation slowing the pace of year-over-year revenue … [Read more...]


DX Earnings Report: Lab Companies Finish 2018 Strong but Growth Slows for Established Firms

The diagnostics industry capped a robust 2018 with most companies posting strong fourth quarter results. Of course, every silver lining has a cloud. While widespread, gains were smaller than in 2017, … [Read more...]


Market Trends: Lab-Retail Collaboration Remains Strong Despite Theranos Debacle

The Theranos debacle hasn't dissuaded retailers from partnering with labs. LabCorp & Walgreens Walgreens, Theranos's ex-retail partner, has moved on and entered into an agreement with another … [Read more...]


Earnings Report: Top Payers Announce Q3 Earnings

The country's five largest commercial payers posted strong results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2018: COMPANY QUARTERLY REVENUES PERFORMANCE Total Q3* 2018 YOY Wall … [Read more...]