Smaller Esoteric Labs Struggle With Losses, Product Growth

Earnings reports for some of the smaller esoteric labs trickled in during the latter part of November and December, and they presented a mixed bag. The largest of the labs, Redwood City, Calif.-based … [Read more...]

PAML Launches AION Laboratories Division

PAML's long-awaited specialty testing program catering to the Baby Boomer generation was introduced last month, and its chief executive officer has high hopes for its first full year of … [Read more...]

Ambry Offers New Genetic Tests for Serious Heart Conditions

Ambry Genetics, the Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based esoteric laboratory, has released a new panel of tests that focus specifically on detecting life-threatening cardiac conditions. The tests focus on … [Read more...]

Venture Capital and Laboratories: A Lingering Question Mark

Despite the vastness of the health care industry, the laboratory sector is one business branch with minimal leverage. Despite its ubiquity - what patient hasn't undergone a lab test? - it still only … [Read more...]

LabCorp, PerkinElmer Introduce Two New Pediatric Tests

LabCorp and PerkinElmer have released two dramatically different tests that are both intended to address challenges in diagnosing pediatric patients with potentially life-threatening conditions. The … [Read more...]

CAP to Palmetto on Staining LCD: Withdraw It Completely

The College of American Pathologists has waded into the immunohistochemical staining issue, asking Medicare fiscal intermediary Palmetto GBA to drop its draft local coverage determination (LCD) for … [Read more...]

Through Deals and an Executive Revamp, Aurora Diagnostics Strains Toward the Black

Debt-laden Aurora Diagnostics has all but revamped its executive ranks and engaged in several deals in the past few months that has refocused the Florida-based laboratory on pathology and … [Read more...]

LIR Current

LIR Current (redirect to current archive) … [Read more...]