Why Falling Demand for COVID-19 Testing May Be a Mixed Blessing

We all understood that the massive spike in COVID-19 testing was unsustainable and bound to gradually peter out. But now it appears that the decline is coming steeper and faster than anybody expected. … [Read more...]


Brief Your CEO: New OCR Data Shed Light on the Costs of Privacy Noncompliance

Getting lab officers to shell out money for compliance initiatives may be trickier when the penalties you’re trying to head off are for privacy violations. After all, HIPAA penalties tend to be fairly … [Read more...]

Daily Update

Tests with EUA

COVID-19 LAB TESTS RECEIVING FDA EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION ((s) = Serology Test (a) = Antigen Test (t) = Total Antibody Test (m) = Multi-analyte Test) Date Manufacturer(s) Test … [Read more...]

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CMS Closes the Free COVID-19 Tests Coverage Loophole

Getting Republicans and Democrats to agree on anything these days is a Herculean task, even during a global pandemic. One of the rare points of consensus is with regard to the notion that all … [Read more...]


Proposed HIPAA Privacy Rule: The 9 Changes That Will Have an Immediate Impact on Lab Operations

On Dec. 10, with just a few weeks remaining in its tenure, the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) proposed a series of changes to the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Public comments on the proposed rule were … [Read more...]

HIPAA Enforcement

New OCR Data Shed Light on the Costs of Privacy Noncompliance

HIPAA enforcement isn’t nearly as fat a cash cow as enforcement of False Claims Act (FCA) and other healthcare fraud laws is, it still takes a lot of money out of the pockets of providers and into the … [Read more...]


Federal Court Upholds $114.1 Million Judgment against Principles of HDL and Singulex Scam

The Health Diagnostics Laboratory, Inc. (HDL) and Singulex kickback saga continues. In recent years, most of the action has been centered not so much on the labs themselves but on others involved in … [Read more...]

Health Care Reform

New COVID-19 Relief Law Aims to Ease the Health Insurance Crisis

Even by U.S. government standards, $1.9 trillion is a lot of money. But that’s the money value of the COVID-19 relief under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) signed by President Biden on … [Read more...]