Fraud Recoveries Grow as Feds Target Telemedicine and COVID-19 Add-On Test Scams

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and continued sequestration of enforcement funds, the federal Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program (Program) reversed recent trends and recovered more money in FY … [Read more...]


Health Care Data Breaches Hit a New High in First Half of 2021

While health care data breaches have become an all-too-common occurrence, the problem seems to be getting worse. According to the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR), there have already been 360 … [Read more...]


University of Miami Settles Lab Testing False Claim Charges for $22 Million

The University of Miami’s sports teams proudly refer to their school as “The U.” But to the whistleblowers who brought the original lawsuit against the University at the center of this settlement, … [Read more...]


Texas Provider Pays $214K for Violating Federal COVID-19 Workplace Protocols

In one of the first of what will likely be a flood of enforcement actions, the Texas parent of an Iowa nursing home has agreed to repay $214,200 in federal monies for not following coronavirus safety … [Read more...]

Enforcement Trends

The Federal COVID-19 Relief Fraud Crackdown Begins

As with so many other businesses, federal COVID-19 relief was (and, in some cases, still is) the only thing that kept some labs afloat during the darkest days of the pandemic. But with the virus in … [Read more...]

False Claims

Federal Court Nixes Appeal of Physician Convicted of Participating in Urine Drug Test Billing Scam

Before the pandemic began, fraudulent utilization and false billing of medically unnecessary urine drug screening had climbed to the top of the agenda for federal enforcement. (See National Lab … [Read more...]

Enforcement Trends: Has OSHA Done Enough to Enforce COVID-19 Workplace Safety Rules?

Even after the election and swearing in of the new President, federal government response to the COVID-19 pandemic remains a politically charged issue. One bone of contention involves whether OSHA has … [Read more...]

Enforcement Trends

COVID-19 Distractions Cause 2020 OIG Health Care Fraud Recoveries to Dip to 5-Year Low

Not surprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic is hampering federal fraud fighting. The recoveries numbers bear this out. Here are the key findings from the OIG’s new Semi-Annual Report to Congress … [Read more...]

Enforcement Scorecard

The HIPAA Information Access Rights Crackdown Continues

The face of federal HIPAA enforcement has changed in a subtle but significant way in the past 18 months. Historically, the focus has been all about keeping personal health information (PHI) private … [Read more...]

CMS Says Improper Medicare Fee-for-Service Payments Are Down $15 Billion Since 2016

CMS is claiming that its “aggressive corrective actions” have saved taxpayers over $15 billion in improper Medicare Fee-For-Service (FFS) payments over the past four years. According to the November … [Read more...]