Congress Extends Sequester for One Year, Applies Funds to Physician Payment Reform

The House and Senate have approved legislation that would extend for one year the across-the-board cuts in certain discretionary government programs, known as the sequester, and apply $2.4 billion … [Read more...]

Congress Nearing Deadline for Medicare ‘Doc Fix’

Congress has a little over two weeks to pass legislation reforming the system used to set Medicare payment for physicians or to extend the short-term fix already in place. If lawmakers do not act by … [Read more...]

Congress Likely to Approve New System for Tests Paid Under CLFS; Bill Would Also Extend SGR Patch, Delay ICD-10 Implementation

Legislation designed to extend current Medicare payment for physicians for one year also contains good news for clinical laboratories: A new market-based system for Medicare payments for tests paid … [Read more...]

Reaction Split on New Changes to Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule

Industry reaction to a new law that makes changes to the Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule (CLFS) appears to be split, with some laboratory groups applauding the changes and others concerned that it … [Read more...]

Industry Groups Applaud New CBO Score On Closing Stark Loophole

Laboratory and pathology groups are applauding the latest scoring of potential Medicare savings that could be achieved if lawmakers exclude anatomic pathology (AP), advanced diagnostic imaging, … [Read more...]

Pathologists Exempt From 2015 Meaningful Use Penalty

Pathologists will automatically be exempt from electronic health record (EHR) meaningful use (MU) adjustments in 2015, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS recently … [Read more...]

House Passes Reauthorization to Require Newborn Screening Tests, Expand Program

The House June 24 passed a bill to reauthorize a program aimed at preventing newborn deaths and severe disabilities through the increased use of comprehensive and standardized newborn screening … [Read more...]

Massachusetts Targets Self-Referral of Laboratory Services

The commonwealth of Massachusetts is targeting clinical laboratory self-referrals with the passage of a new law that includes a broad prohibition of such referrals. The prohibition is included in the … [Read more...]

Congress Passes Continuing Resolution, Heads Home Until November

Congress adjourned Sept. 18 for an eight-week break, but not before passing a stopgap spending bill along with an authorization to arm and train Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State. Both the … [Read more...]

‘Doc Fix’ Legislation Estimated to Cost $144B Over 10 Years

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Nov. 14 said legislation (H.R. 4015, S. 2000) to replace the Medicare physician payment system would cost $144 billion from 2015 to 2024, a jump from the $138 … [Read more...]