Health Reform: The Latest Twist in the Legal War on Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, remains alive but certainly not well. When last we left the melodrama, a federal district court in Texas had ruled in favor of Republican Governors challenging … [Read more...]


Can a Blood Test Quantify Pain?

A new test could help clinicians objectively measure pain. According to a study published Feb. 12 in Molecular Psychiatry, the identified biomarkers can predict pain severity and future emergency … [Read more...]


OIG Monthly Work Plan Review: March 2019

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Genomic Data Sharing: From Utopian Principle to Practical Reality

"Publicly available data should be treated as open data, a shared resource with unrestricted use for analysis, interpretation, and publication." --The journal Science report on genomic data … [Read more...]


Brief Your CEO: Notify Your Lab Execs of Upcoming Stark Law Changes

One of the best ways to score points with your lab's executives is to warn them about legal changes before they happen and while there's still time to prepare. And now you have an opportunity to do … [Read more...]