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Changing Times and Eroding Margins: RCM Solutions

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Webinars

Learn how to comprehend the difficulties of revenue cycle management and practical technology-based solutions in this free webinar.

Original Air Date: Thursday, December 15, 2022

1:00 PM EST

This webinar will feature a topic discussion surrounding the importance of addressing barriers present within the diagnostic market. The expert speakers will review the challenges most laboratory executives encounter, while offering real-life solutions used in practice today. Topics included in this discussion range from the current laboratory testing landscape to embracing automation as a strategy geared toward maintaining successful fiscal growth within the diagnostic market. This discussion will offer an opportunity to comprehend the difficulties associated with revenue cycle management (RCM) and practical technology-based solutions.

The audience will benefit from the transparent textual and visual analysis of the topics being presented. Experience an interactive learning environment by receiving clear concise answers to potential questions arising throughout the presentation. The information presented in this webinar will allow you to readily acknowledge changes associated with the diagnostic industry, confront compounding challenges faced during the current economic landscape, and implement innovation in the form of an automated RCM platform.

This presentation will:

  • Review the rapidly changing environments in laboratory testing, trends, and revenue cycle management (RCM)
  • Interpret the impact of industry challenges on laboratory operations and workflow efficiency
  • Describe the incorporation of automation into industry best practices using an RCM platform
  • Predict the outcomes and future direction with automation, while keeping an open mind to innovation
  • Discuss scaling your business via rule-based automation embedded in an RCM platform


Suren Avunjian
Co-Founder and CEO

Aram Avakyan, Pharm.D

Health Informatics Technologist

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