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Before You Download

Please read the following user agreement and confirm your acceptance of the terms before you download NLR content:

I agree that I am the the only person who is accessing my single user NLR subscription license and that I am not sharing my username and password, or the NLR content I’m downloading, with anyone else.

I Agree, Download Now

PLEASE NOTE: If you are currently sharing your single user subscription license, or if you’d like additional people in your organization to have access to a NLR subscription license, please contact Andrea at 888-729-2315 to convert your single user license to a multi-user site license.


Why is it important to have all of the users in my organization covered by a site license?
A single user license is only to be used by a single user. Having multiple users access an online NLR single user subscription violates the terms of the single user license and opens your company up to a host of potential penalties. A multi-user site license does away with any potential liability and allows registered users in your organization to access your NLR online subscription legally.

What’s the difference between a “Site License” and a “Single User License”?
The main difference between a “Site License” and a “Single User License” is that with a site license, you get a single license code that’s good for all the users covered by the license. With a single user subscription license, only one unique user in your organization may access your online NLR subscription. A multi-user site license permits more than one registered user to access your company’s online NLR subscription.

Is there a discount for purchasing a multi-user site license?
Yes. The per-user cost for a site license is less than the cost of a single user license. For more information on pricing, please call Andrea at 1-888-729-2315.


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