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Disrupting Healthcare with Transparency and Dialog for Sustainable Success

This session will discuss the advantages of rethinking your revenue cycle workflow, leveraging data automation to cost-effectively capture clean info for every test at order intake

Original Air Date: Tuesday, November 14, 12:30 PM — 1:30 PM EST

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Labs are indispensable to the US healthcare system, performing roughly 14 billion clinical lab tests annually. Informing about 70 percent of medical decisions, the impact on patients’ health is felt daily by countless individuals. But the impact—both clinical and financial—extends well beyond patients to labs, physicians, hospitals, and commercial and government payers. The growing complexity and importance of lab testing demand that the industry achieves a ‘super-clean order’TM, one that not only includes accurate patient information but also ensures that the ordered test will be covered by insurance, and the patient gets the care they need. Without a super-clean order, the risks are too high: unreimbursed services, write-offs, spiraling costs, inherent inefficiency, unnecessary tests, delays in care, and confusing patient bills.

A seismic shift is happening to break down traditional silos within the healthcare continuum and create transparency and dialog that will fundamentally improve healthcare. But disruption is hard; it takes courage, collaboration, and innovation.

Join John (JD) Donnelly, a healthcare veteran and a passionate leader of the movement to proactively transform healthcare, as he hosts a virtual fireside chat with industry expert Dr. Mark Hiatt. Dr. Hiatt’s long list of accomplishments and experience includes having served as chief medical officer for a national medical benefits manager, a biotechnology research company, and an accreditation body and now includes chief medical officer and vice president of clinical applications for FrontRunnerHC. Together, JD and Dr. Hiatt will share highlights from the groundbreaking and ongoing conversations to empower sustainable change and discuss what’s next.

In this free-flowing conversation, they will cover:

  1. The journey to build a real-time integrated network that addresses the evolving needs of all and moves the industry forward
  2. How super-clean orders provide value to all, and the industry barriers that must be tackled to make them the standard rather than the exception
  3. The advantages of rethinking your revenue cycle workflow, leveraging data automation to cost-effectively capture clean info for every test at order intake


John (JD) Donnelly
Founder & CEO

Mark Hiatt MD, MBA, MS
Chief Medical Officer & VP of Clinical Applications

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