Don’t Sell Your Lab, Grow Your Lab

Join us and our experts to learn how labs can reimagine infrastructure utilization through collaboration to improve health system finances and enrich their value proposition
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Original Air Date: Thursday, March 21

1:00 PM EDT

Hospital and health system laboratories, in order to meet the urgent needs of acute patient care, are forced to over build their laboratory infrastructure. Additionally, many laboratories invested in technology and employee infrastructure during the pandemic. This has created reservoirs of capacity, which present a market opportunity for low-cost, high-margin revenue generation. Underutilization of this available asset feeds a struggle of uncertainty causing laboratory leaders to ask, do we continue competing or do we allow large lab corporations to acquire us to support alternative health system priorities?

Laboratory medicine, which has been an underappreciated foundational component of medicine, is essential to all clinical care. Physicians and patients who have access to high value laboratory medicine have a distinct advantage in the development of differentiated clinical care plans which have the ability to improve outcomes. However, there are significant gaps in access to high-value, patient-centered, lifesaving tests that ultimately improve patient care, particularly in rural areas.

In this session, Steve Serota and Robin Herbner, executives at Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories, share ideas on how laboratories can remain competitive and independent by utilizing existing capacity in support of optimized clinical care. The utilization and commercialization of this capacity empowers laboratories to move from a cost center to a profit center. Serota and Herbner recently founded Atalan, a new technology-enabled clinical partnership giving doctors and medical centers anywhere access to a vetted network of the nation’s foremost clinical laboratories.

Key takeaways:

  • How labs can reimagine infrastructure utilization through collaboration to improve health system finances and enrich their value proposition
  • How clinical laboratories can collaborate to collectively bring disparate assets and intelligence to foster innovation and investment within a larger healthcare ecosystem
  • How a mission-aligned laboratory partnership can empower other areas of health care, such as pharmacology and data informatics


Steve Serota
President and Chief Operating Officer, Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories
Chief Executive Officer, Atalan

Robin Herbner
Chief Administrative Officer, Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories
Chief Financial Officer, Atalan

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