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Industry Trends
  • Novel Tests Emerging For Overlooked Conditions
  • Researchers Develop First Multiplex Test for Tick-Borne Disease Detection
  • Fecal Profiling Could Personalize Diets with Irritable Bowel
  • Potential Upcoming Shifts for Diabetes-Related Diagnostic Testing
  • Expanded Carrier Screening IDs Rare Variants in Diverse Populations
  • FDA Set Record for Targeted Therapy Approvals
  • Genotype-Matched Diets Don’t Aid Weight Loss
  • Bilirubin as a Predictor of Neonatal Jaundice
  • Top 25 Lab Tests by Medicare Payment
  • Protein Patterns Investigated for Markers of Early Ovarian Cancer
  • Pap Test Fluids May Contain DNA Useful for Endometrial, Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis
  • Test Developed to Identify Alzheimer’s Risk
  • Artifcial Intelligence Merges Histology, Genomics to Predict Survival
  • FDA Approves First Objective Blood Test for Concussion Evaluation
  • Penicillin Skin Testing Can Delabel Misidentifed Allergic Patients
  • POC Susceptibility Testing No Aid for Antibiotic Prescribing with UTI
Precision Medicine
  • New Study Provides Most Comprehensive Overview of Genetic Test Development, Usage and Spending
  • Dermatology Conference Highlights Gene Expression Tests for Skin Cancer
  • Study Shows Progress Towards a Blood-Based, Multi-Cancer Screen
  • Companion Diagnostics Driving New Model for Pharma-Dx Partnerships
  • C-reactive Protein May Inform Antidepressant Medication Selection
  • FDA Approves First-Ever, Pan-Cancer Drug in Milestone for Personalized Medicine
  • Genomic Markers May ID Risk of Chemo Side Effects
Testing Trends
  • Men Undergo Hereditary Cancer Testing Less Frequently Than Women
  • Home-Based Hospital Care Model Cuts Lab Utilization
  • Methods for Reanalysis of Exome Sequencing Emerging
  • Next-Gen Sequencing, AI Driving Investor Interest in Diagnostics Sector
  • Speed Record Set for Whole-Genome Sequencing
  • Molecular Testing Increasingly Adopted for Skin Cancer Diagnosis
  • Internet-Based Testing for STIs Increase Uptake
  • Teaching Hospitals Consistently Order More Lab Tests Per Patient
  • Chlamydia Testing Falls in Young Women, Following Change in Cervical Cancer Guidelines; Simultaneous Over-Testing of Males Seen
Test Technology & Operations
  • Innovation in Urine Collection Cuts Contamination, Retesting
  • Showing Test Prices May Not Change Ordering Behavior
  • IDWeek Tackles Improved Ordering Strategies
  • Unlocking Value in Laboratory Data
  • Payers Turning to Automated Pre-Approval Systems for Genetic Tests
  • Don’t Crash & Burn: Why Cutting Your Quality Department’s Budget is not a Good Idea
  • By the Numbers: Lab Injury and Exposure Data
  • Why Your Best Talent is Leaving and Four Ways to Win Them Back
  • Should You Be Paying Your Staff Overtime?
  • Decoding Quality Terminology
  • Push-Alerts of Lab Results Speeds Discharge from Emergency Dept
  • Getting A New Lab Space? Design It For Safety Now And Save Thousands Later
  • iSpecimen Creates Marketplace for Clinical Discards
Public Health Testing
  • HCV Screening Rates Very Low Among Exposed Infants
  • Mass. Settlement Could Speed HCV Testing For Prisoners Nationally
  • Foster Kids’ Standard Screenings Tests May Be of Low Value
  • Lessons from Ebola Can Enhance Future Diagnostic Preparedness
  • Child-Parent Cholesterol Screening Found Effective
  • Labs Must Rapidly Implement Zika Blood Supply Testing
Testing News
  • Next-Gen Sequencing, AI Driving Investor Interest in Diagnostics Sector
  • Genetic Risk Score Could Improve Diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation
  • CDC Receives Funding to Expand Laboratory Harmonization Efforts
  • Profound Discrepancies Seen Between DTC Genetic Results, Confirmatory Testing
  • Evidence for Liquid Biopsy Lacking, Expert Panel Finds
  • Even a Single PSA Screening Test Does Not Cut Mortality
  • Cancer Mutations
  • Routine, Pre-Op Testing Costlier for Medicare Than Previously Thought
  • Venture Capital Investment in Diagnostic Companies Strong in 2017
  • LDTs, FDA-Approved Companion Diagnostics Perform Similarly; Off-Label Use of Companion Diagnostic Kits Common
  • High-Deductible Plans Tied to Reduced Use of Health Care, Including Diagnostic Testing
Genetic Testing
  • Genotyping to Guide Antiplatelet Selection Feasible, Effective
  • FDA Authorizes First Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Test for Cancer Risk
  • Racial Disparities in Access Reduce Utility of Genetic Testing
  • Genetic Tests Emerging to Advance Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
  • Genetic Testing Emerges As New Trendy Workplace Benefit
  • Gene Expression Panels Less Cost-Effective in Real-World Settings
  • New Speed Record Set for Genome Analysis
  • Malpractice Lawsuit Calls Out Lack of Genetic Counseling
  • Two App Marketplaces Ramping Up Consumer Genomics Offerings
  • Genetic Risk Score Could Improve Diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation
  • Labs Can Provide Novel Support for Physicians Ordering Multigene Panels
  • Genomic Testing May Be Currently Overhyped, Oncologists Say
  • Phone-Based Genetic Counseling Supports Healthy Genome Sequencing
Testing Regs & Guidelines
  • Federal Guidelines for Workplace Drug Testing Add Opioids
  • Joint Guideline Issued for CRC Molecular Testing
  • Testing Guidelines at a Glance
  • New Guidance on the Use of Lab Testing to Monitor Pain Management Patients
  • FDA Warns About Biotin Interference With Lab Tests
  • Pediatric Offices Fail to Act on 1 in 10 Abnormal Test Results
  • AMP Issues Consensus Guidelines for NGS Bioinformatics Pipelines
  • FDA Considering Self-Collection Sample Regulation
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