Lab Compliance Advisor   Practical, "What-to-Do" and "How-to-Do-It" Help to Comply with the Latest State & Federal Laws, Rules & Regulations that Affect Your Diagnostic Lab or Pathology Practice
If you are responsible for compliance at your diagnostic lab or pathology practice, Lab Compliance Advisor is designed for you.
Lab Compliance Advisor gives you practical, easy-to-understand "how-to" help to comply with the latest Federal and State Laws, rules and regulations that affect your diagnostic lab or pathology practice.
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Lab Compliance Advisor does NOT just give you news and new developments. LCA takes apart the critical laws that affect your lab, tells you what you need to know, what you need to do, and how to do it to make sure your lab is in compliance.
Here's just a sample of the help you get from Lab Compliance Advisor
Payments & Reimbursements
  • Getting Paid: Medicare to Cover Next Gen-Sequencing Tests for Advanced Cancer
  • CMS to OIG: Get Back the $66.3 Million You Improperly Paid to Labs for Urine Validity Tests
  • FMC Settlement Is Poster Child for False Billing of Lab Tests
  • CMS Finalizes Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment Changes for 2018
  • OIG Calls on CMS to Do Better at Medicare Collecting Overpayments
  • Medicare Reimbursement: CMS Issues New Medical Review Instructions to Contractors
Labs in Court
  • Case of the Month: $11.4 Million Natera Settlement Shows Genetic Billing & Coding Remains a False Claims Hot Button
  • Case of the Month: Judge Who Said Labs Must Independently Verify Medical Necessity Takes It Back
  • Case of the Month: Lab Tests Play Key Role in $19 Million Detroit Opioid Scheme
  • Case of the Month: Feds Turn Up the Heat on False Billing of Nuclear Stress Tests
Lab Compliance
  • New Bill Would Make Lab Employees Criminally Liable for Concealing Data Breaches
  • 5 Common Sexual Harassment Policy Blind Spots & How to Fix Them
  • Diagnostic Danger in the Lab: Time to Reform How We Process Orders
  • Tool: Model Sexual Harassment Policy
Ready-to-Use Model Forms, Policies & Tools
Lab Compliance Advisor gives you dozens of ready-to-use forms, policies and tools that make your job easier and save you time.
  • Model Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy
  • Lab Quality & Safety: JCAHO to Crack Down on Handwashing Shortcuts
  • Can You Require Lab Workers to Get a Flu Shot?
  • Tool: Model Pandemic Influenza Policy
  • Tools: Model Flu Vaccination Policies—Mandatory & Voluntary
  • Don't Crash & Burn: Why Cutting Your Quality Department's Budget is not a Good Idea
  • Evaluate, Increase Your Lab's Compliance Budget
  • FDA Moves to Boost CLIA Waiver Transparency
  • FDA Watch: Why the New NGS Guidance May Be a Paper Tiger
  • LDTs, FDA-Approved Companion Diagnostics Perform Similarly; Off-Label Use of Companion Diagnostic Kits Common
  • FDA Approves DTC Genetic Breast Cancer Test—But Attaches Strings
  • FDA Warns About Biotin Interference With Lab Tests
  • LDTs: Top 10 New FDA Diagnostic Approvals of 2017
  • FDA Watch: Greenlights for NGS Tumor Panels May Augur New Approach to LDT Approvals—Both Product & Pathway
  • CLIA: After 36 Years, CMS Gives Lab Accreditation a Good Hard Look
Stark & Anti-Kickback
  • Self-Disclosing Non-Compliant Arrangements with Large Physician Groups
  • Is Replacing Spoiled Products for Free an Anti-Kickback Violation?
  • Compliance Perspectives: New Stark Rules Offer Some Physician Kickback Relief but Not Nearly Enough
  • Do Cost-Savings Payments to Referring Physician Violate Kickback Laws?
PAMA Compliance
  • PAMA-Geddon: Proposed 2018 Lab Pay Rates Are a Bloodbath
  • CMS Ignores Flawed Processes, Finalizes 2018 PAMA Pricing; Labs Need to Take Immediate Action to Offset Impending Lean Times
  • CMS Finalizes Controversial PAMA Fee Schedule
  • Draft 2018 CLFS Reveals Fundamental Flaws in PAMA Reporting Exercise; Time to Take Action
  • Labs Keep Up the Pressure to Delay PAMA & Add Hospital Lab to CLFS Formula
  • CAP Files Amicus Brief in Support of ACLA Motion for Summary Judgment in PAMA Lawsuit
Compliance Enforcement
  • Medicaid Enforcement Trends and Their Impact Upon Labs
  • Enforcement Trends: Why Fending Off Whistleblowers Might Have Just Gotten Easier
  • Enforcement Trends: Opioid Crackdown Zeroes in on Urine Drug Testing; Today the Doctors, Tomorrow the Labs
  • Medicare Exclusions: One Week, Two Different Labs Get the Boot
  • Enforcement Trends: Whistleblowers Get in on the EHR "Meaningful Use" Action
  • CMS Releases Data on Medicare Payments to Providers, Including Clinical Labs
  • Long-Awaited Final Rule Clarifies 60-day Repayment Deadline
  • The New CMS Appeals Process & How to Use It to Get Medicare to Pay
  • CMS Issues New Medical Review Instructions to Contractors
  • CMS Exercises Enforcement Discretion for PAMA Reporting
Briefing Your CEO
  • Brief Your CEO: New Penalties Double the Dollar Value of Protecting Your Lab from Liability
  • Brief Your CEO: The New CMS Appeals Process & How to Use It to Get Medicare to Pay
  • Brief Your CEO: After 36 Years, CLIA Comes Under CMS Review
  • Brief Your CEO: 5 Takeaways from OIG's New Semiannual Report
  • Brief Your CEO: Let the C-Suite Know About the Key MACRA Changes on the Table
Privacy & HIPAA
  • Traps to Avoid: Aetna, HIPAA and the $17+ Million Envelope Mishap
  • Avoid Privacy Pitfalls in Pandemic Planning & Response
  • TOOL: Model HIPAA Breach Notification Letter to Patient
  • 10 Things to Include in Your HIPAA Breach Notification Policy
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