National Intelligence Report   Keeps You Up-to-Date on Federal & State Laws, Regulations, New Legislation, and Court Cases that Affect Your Diagnostic Lab or Pathology Practice
In today's new era of reimbursement cuts, stepped-up enforcement, and continuing legislative uncertainty, it is more critical than ever to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in Washington D.C. and in State legislatures, and in Federal and State regulatory agencies.
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That's why thousands of diagnostic lab professionals count on National Intelligence Report to stay on the cutting-edge of the latest Federal and State laws, rules, and regulations, new legislative initiatives and developments, and the latest court cases that affect your diagnostic lab or pathology practice.

Here's just a sample of the help you get from National Intelligence Report:
Lab Compliance
  • OIG and DOJ Provide Tips for Determining Effectiveness of Compliance Programs
  • Laboratory Industry Faces Uncertain Regulatory Policy
  • Cybersecurity and Social Media Lead Compliance Concerns for Health Care Compliance and IT Professionals
  • Labs Beware: New Rules Impose Harsher Civil Monetary Penalties
  • OIG Updates Threshold for Nominal Value Gifts
  • Physician Referrals: New Rules Offer Some Stark Law Relief but Not Nearly Enough
  • New OIG Advisory Opinion Warns that Free Labeling Services Can Be Kickbacks
Enforcement News & Trends
  • Very Quietly, Congress Doubles Penalties for Medicare Fraud & Abuse
  • Feds Turn Up the Heat on False Billing of Nuclear Stress Tests
  • CMS, OIG Reps Address PAMA, Fraud Enforcement at ACLA Annual Meeting
  • Enforcement Trends: The OIG’s Recent Safe Harbor Changes
  • Private Insurers Are Cracking Down on the Labs that Scam Them
  • OIG Releases 2017 Work Plan
  • Medicaid Fraud: Enforcement Continues to Trend Down as Labs Drift Deeper into the Background
  • Enforcement Trends: Private Sector Playing a Bigger Role in Lab Fraud Crackdown
  • Budget: Funding for Tech Down But Increases for Enforcement
Fee Schedules
  • Newly Proposed PAMA Rates for 2018 Confirm Lab Industry’s Worst Fears
  • CMS Proposes More Cuts to Lab Payments; Pathology Services Could See 26% Hit
  • Crosswalked Codes in 2017 Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule
  • Are Commercial Payers Using Proposed CMS Gapfill Rates to Ratchet Down Reimbursement?
  • CMS Proposes Pathology, Cytology Cuts for 2017 Physician Fee Schedule
  • Final MoPath Prices About 26% Higher on Average, but Many Questions Remain
  • Proposed Medicare Fee Schedule Changes Acknowledge Compliance Realities and Focus on Value
  • CMS Launches New LVA Process for Settling Payment Appeals
  • CMS Proposes MACRA Physician Performance Requirements for 2018
  • CMS Explains How to Get ADLT Status for New Lab Tests
  • Labs to CMS: Push Back PAMA & Add Hospital Labs to CLFS Mix
  • PAMA Implementation: PLA Codes for Advanced Dx Tests Are Off to a Flying Start
  • Value Care: CMS Value Modifier Programs Ends Not with a Bang but a Whimper
  • OIG Surveys How CMS is Doing on PAMA Implementation
  • PAMA Update: CMS Guidance and Reporting Information Trickles In
Labs in Court
  • Whistleblower Case Over Lab Discounts Dismissed
  • Case of Month: Judge Takes Back Ruling that Labs Must Independently Verify Medical Necessity
  • New Lawsuit Tests Limits of Medical Malpractice in Age of Precision Medicine
  • Case of the Month: False Billing of Nuclear Stress Tests at Center of $50 Million Cardio Fraud Scheme
  • Recent Lab Cases Spotlight Individual Responsibility, Medical Necessity, Kickbacks
Billing & Reimbursements
  • Medicare Reimbursement: CMS Launches New LVA Process for Settling Payment Appeals
  • PAMA Reimbursement: CMS Explains How to Get ADLT Status for New Lab Tests
  • Medicare Reimbursements: Part B Lab Payments Slightly Down for 2016, Reports OIG
  • ‘Doc Fix’ Legislation Estimated to Cost $144B Over 10 Years
  • CMS Issues Some Details on Medicare Sequestration Cuts
  • Labs Reassess Processing and Handling Payments in Light of OIG Special Fraud Alert
  • Proposed HOPPS Changes Would Allow Direct Billing of Molecular Pathology Tests & ADLTs
Lab Industry News
  • Health Diagnostic Laboratory Files for Bankruptcy Protection
  • Lab Industry Files Petition Against FDA Regulation of Laboratory-Developed Tests
  • Small Labs Relying on Antitrust Laws to Protect Their Market Position
  • Quest-Walmart Deal Latest in Mass Retailing of Lab Tests
  • Home-Based Hospital Care Model Cuts Lab Utilization
  • Gene Expression Panels Less Cost-Effective in Real-World Settings
  • New Speed Record Set for Genome Analysis
  • Malpractice Lawsuit Calls Out Lack of Genetic Counseling
  • Two App Marketplaces Ramping Up Consumer Genomics Offerings
  • Genetic Risk Score Could Improve Diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation
  • Labs Can Provide Novel Support for Physicians Ordering Multigene Panels
  • Genomic Testing May Be Currently Overhyped, Oncologists Say
  • Phone-Based Genetic Counseling Supports Healthy Genome Sequencing
Diagnostic Tests & Testing
  • New Study Provides Most Comprehensive Overview of Genetic Test Development, Usage and Spending
  • Profound Discrepancies Seen Between DTC Genetic Results, Confirmatory Testing
  • Test Ordering & Utilization: Labs Stand to Benefit from Industry Efforts to Minimize Prior Authorization Red Tape
  • Older Adults Under-Tested, Under-Diagnosed with the Flu
  • CDC Grants $22.8 Million to Improve Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates
  • CDC Ups Online Tool’s Ability to Help ID Rare Pathogens
  • Utilization Trends: HIV Testing Among Vulnerable Populations Remains Disturbingly Low, Says CDC
  • CDC Receives Funding to Expand Laboratory Harmonization Efforts
  • CDC Updates Zika Testing Recommendations
  • House Committee Questions CDC on Capacity of Laboratory Response Network
  • CDC Says 'Steady' Progress Made in Electronic Reporting of Lab Results
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