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Kellison and G2 Intelligence Honor Dr. Sidney Goldblatt

Dr. Sidney Goldblatt, MD, is the 2019 recipient of the Kellison Public Service Award. Dr. Goldblatt has been founder, medical director and CEO of Molecular Dx; founder and CEO of Goldblatt Systems; founder and expert pathologist for ForensicDx; and founder and CEO of Goldblatt Pathology Associates.

The award recognizes the dedication of his life and career as a medical doctor, pathologist, scientist, and entrepreneur to making health care better and to enable data-driven medical discovery. (Pictured here are Scott Liff, president and CEO of Kellison and Company; Laura Voeghtly, Chief Scientist at MolecularDx, who accepted the award on behalf of Dr. Goldblatt; and Jonathan Ziebarth of G2 Intelligence. The presentation was made at Lab Institute 2019, a conference presented by G2 Intelligence this month in Washington, D.C.)

After graduating from Temple Medical School, Dr. Goldblatt joined the NIH as a researcher. Later, as chairman at Conemaugh Memorial, he worked with the founder of digital equipment corporation to build one of the industry’s first laboratory information systems, CliniLab. In 1979, he founded Sunquest Information Systems to enable the creation of clinical laboratory data to support patient care.

To facilitate inter-operability, Sunquest worked with UCSF and OAIS to deliver on the earliest implementation of HL7 transactions. Following the sale of Sunquest in 2001, Dr. Goldblatt began developing a clinical semantic network (CSN) to bring the same data paradigm to electronic medical records. The Clinical Semantic Network grew out of Dr. Goldblatt’s work with SNOMED when he was working as the Governor of the College of American Pathologists. Delivered as a patient engagement tool, the CSN allows patients, caregivers, clinicians, and physicians to work together in using data to deliver a new model of health care.

Dr. Sidney Goldblatt MD

In addition to his work at the CAP, Dr. Goldblatt was a Fellow at the National Cancer Institute where, as head of comparative cytology activities, he led the team creating the cytoanalyzer, automating PAP smear screening. He has also been an administrator and board member of a large community health system. As founder of MolecularDx, he is delivering molecular diagnostics and genomic data to precision medicine. Finally, his dedication to making health care better has also led to the creating of ForensicDx, an advanced forensic science center using technology such as CT and LODOX full body digital imaging, mass spectrometry, and NGS to study potential solutions to the current opioid crisis.

“These activities and accomplishments highlight the incredible passion and dedication Dr. Goldblatt has brought to the lab industry throughout his incredible career,” said Kellison’s Scott Liff in presenting the award at Lab Institute 2019.


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