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Lab Companies Turn to Product Integrations to Cut Costs, Risks, & Time

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Deals-lir, Essential, Laboratory Industry Report

Product integration collaborations have become increasingly common, with five such deals being announced between February and mid-March.

Laboratory test data is the hub around which the future of personalized medicine will revolve. This simple fact generates staggering strategic opportunities for diagnostic companies that are successful in developing novel products and services for capturing, connecting, storing, and delivering lab data. But if the rewards of innovation are high, so are the costs and risks.

Historically, lab and medical device companies have followed one of two basic approaches to acquire the knowledge, technology, and other assets necessary to achieve a new product breakthrough: Develop the resources in-house or obtain them by acquiring or merging with outside firms. However, a third model has now taken hold, one that reduces costs, minimizes risks, increases efficiency, and gets new products and services to the market more rapidly: strategic partnership. These collaborations require companies to break down their proprietary walls and share their innovations with one another.

Among the boldest form of strategic partnership is an arrangement in which companies agree to combine their proprietary offerings to form a new product or service that leverages the strengths of each partner. Such product integrations have become increasingly common in recent years. The period between late February through mid-March has been particularly notable, with the announcement of five significant product integration collaborations, including arrangements involving some of the lab industry’s most innovative companies.

Agilent Technologies & SOPHiA GENETICS for Cancer Genomic Profiling

Agilent Technologies and SOPHiA GENETICS made two product integration deals during the period, including one that calls for integrating SOPHiA’s DDM bioinformatics platform with Agilent’s newly launched research-use-only SureSelect Cancer Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP) test kit. The assay formed by combining SOPHiA analytics and reporting with Agilent’s next generation sequencing technology will enable cancer researchers to identify multiple biomarkers and perform comprehensive tumor profiling in their own labs, noted Agilent Integrated Genomics Division vice president and general manager Kevin Meldrum in a press statement.1

Agilent Technologies & Hamamatsu for Digital Pathology

The day before the alliance with SOPHiA went public, Agilent announced that it had cut a deal to incorporate Japanese firm Hamamatsu’s NanoZoomer S360MD Slide scanner into its own digital pathology workflows. The NanoZoomer is a high-throughput scanner that converts glass slides into high-resolution digital data at a rate of up to 82 slides per hour. Leveraging the NanoZoomer will allow Agilent to offer “an open and agnostic digital pathology workflow designed to accelerate breakthroughs in precision medicine,” Agilent said in the press release announcing the deal.2

SOPHiA GENETICS & Synergy Laboratories for Tumor Profiling

Meanwhile, Agilent’s other new strategic collaborator, SOPHiA GENETICS, also entered into a separate product integration deal to incorporate the DDM platform into a new tumor profiling test from the Synergy Oncology division of Synergy Laboratories. Called Totality, the new assay will sequence genes from solid tumors while drawing on the hereditary cancers capacities of the DDM to analyze the data and furnish reports to physicians that match variants with FDA-approved therapies and ongoing clinical trials. The pairing will enable Synergy to offer a “one-stop solution” in new areas of oncology, according to the company.3

Exact Sciences & VieCure for Cancer Treatment

Roughly a month after agreeing to integrate its clinical care oncology software with sequencing-based cancer tests from Labcorp, Denver-based informatics firm VieCure announced a similar deal with Exact Sciences.4 The arrangement will enable clinicians to use VieCure’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform that prompts clinical rules and guidelines to interpret the results of Exact Sciences’ genetic cancer tests (starting with the Oncotype DX breast cancer recurrence assay) and develop an appropriate patient-specific treatment plan.

Corista & Qritive for AI-Based Digital Pathology

On March 13, digital pathology firm Corista announced a new strategic partnership to combine its DP3 image management platform with AI-based modules developed by Qritive to create a new digital solution. That solution will enable the use of computational models to screen for prostate and colon cancers, quantify immunohistochemistry markers, and detect lymph node metastasis. “Corista’s image management system combined with the assistive power of Qritive’s AI modules is the ideal workbench for pathologists to conduct diagnostics with ease, consistency, and precision,” noted Qritive CEO and cofounder Aneesh Sathe in a statement.5


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Here’s a summary of other key strategic diagnostic deals announced in late February through mid-March 2023:

Strategic Alliances, Partnerships, & Collaborations

Partner 1Partner(s) 2+Deal Summary
Owlstone MedicalBicycle Therapeutics·       Objective: Develop breath-based early lung cancer detection test
·       Dynamic: Combine Bicycle’s bicyclic peptides with Owlstone’s exogenous volatile organic compound probes
Agilent TechnologiesHamamatsu·       Objective: Make Hamamatsu’s whole-slide scanners available for use in combination with Agilent’s digital pathology workflow systems
·       Dynamic: Incorporate Hamamatsu’s NanoZoomer S360MD Slide scanner system into Agilent’s pathology workflows
Agilent TechnologiesSOPHiA GENETICS·       Objective: Use analytics to advance Agilent’s target enrichment and next-generation sequencing (NGS) based assay technology
·       Dynamic: Combine SOPHiA’s DDM bioinformatics platform with Agilent’s new SureSelect Cancer Comprehensive Genomic Profiling assay kit
Neogap TherapeuticsSimsen Diagnostics·       Objective: Develop personalized cancer diagnostic tools
·       Dynamic: Analyze circulating tumor DNA in clinical trial patients participating in Neogap’s Phase I/II clinical trial for its personalized cell therapy to treat disseminated colorectal cancer
 Oxford Nanopore Technologies4bases·       Objective: Develop rapid, end-to-end research workflow for analysis of BRCA1 and BRCA2 breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility genes
·       Dynamic: Leverage 4bases’ BRCA1 and BRCA2 PCR amplification kits together with Oxford Nanopore’s short fragment mode nanopore sequencing
·       Assay to be initially rolled out to researchers in Switzerland and Italy
Oxford Nanopore TechnologiesTecan·       Objective: Automate high-throughput library preparation for nanopore sequencing
·       Dynamic: Develop “fully walkaway automated workflow” for Oxford Nanopore’s Ligation Sequencing Kit XL V14 protocol using Tecan’s DreamPrep automated NGS library prep instrument
NADMEDTruDiagnostic·       Objective: Launch novel Q-NADMED Blood Kit in US
·       Dynamic: CE-marked test for measuring NAD+ and NADH from a small blood sample uses a unique extraction technique
CoristaQritive·       Objective: Integrate digital pathology solutions
·       Dynamic: Combine Corista’s DP3 image management platform and Qritive’s AI-based modules into one solution enabling use of computational models to screen for prostate and colon cancers, quantify immunohistochemistry markers, and detect lymph node metastasis
DnaNudgeMylab Discovery Solutions·       Objective: Offer molecular diagnostics to guide treatment of diabetic foot infections for India market
·       Dynamic: DnaNudge to develop multiplex real-time PCR test for bacteria that cause diabetic foot ulcers to run on its point-of-care NudgeBox analyzer
·       Mylab to codevelop the test and offer it to clinicians in India
QiagenServier·       Objective: Develop a companion diagnostic test to detect acute myeloid leukemia patients whose cancers harbor IDH1 mutations, making them eligible for Servier’s approved and investigational targeted therapies
·       Dynamic: Qiagen will develop and validate a real-time PCR-based in vitro diagnostic test to identify IDH1 mutations in whole blood and bone marrow aspirates
QiagenSOPHiA GENETICS·       Objective: Advance Qiagen’s QiaSeq NGS reagent technology
·       Dynamic: Qiagen to integrate ordering of its QiaSeq kits and processing of test results with secondary analysis and tertiary interpretation software from SOPHiA GENETICS and other companies
SOPHiA GENETICSSynergy Oncology division of Synergy Laboratories·       Objective: Develop new tumor profiling test incorporating the SOPHiA GENETICS DDM analytics platform
·       Dynamic: Synergy Oncology to launch Totality assay to sequence genes from solid tumors and use the hereditary cancers module in Sophia DDM to analyze data to enable physicians to match variants with FDA-approved therapies and ongoing clinical trials
CotaGenomic Testing Cooperative·       Objective: Provide researchers and clinicians multimodal data for use in personalizing cancer treatment
·       Dynamic: Integrate Cota’s real-world clinical and outcomes data with Genomic Testing Cooperative’s comprehensive tissue- and blood-based DNA and RNA profiling data
FujirebioAriBio·       Objective: Develop biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions
·       Dynamic: Fujirebio to gain access to clinical samples and data collected via AriBio’s ongoing Phase III study for its early Alzheimer’s treatment AR1001
Caris Life SciencesIncyte·       Objective: Augment precision medicine approaches for Incyte’s oncology pipeline
·       Dynamic: Incyte to use Caris’ data insights and analytics capabilities to discover novel biomarkers and optimize clinical positioning strategies for 2 oncology drug programs, with option to expand to total of 4
·       Deal includes options to partner on developing companion diagnostics
Exact SciencesVieCure·       Objective: Expand access to precision oncology diagnostics for US patients and community oncologists
·       Dynamic: VieCure to integrate Exact Sciences’ tests, beginning with the Oncotype DX breast cancer recurrence test, for interpretation via its clinical oncology care management platform
lluminaMyriad Genetics·       Objective: Provide homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) testing
·       Dynamic: Expand current partnership to make Illumina’s TruSight Oncology 500 HRD research-use-only assay available in US
·       Illumina to offer distributable kits and Myriad to offer a centralized lab service
·       Firms to seek joint HRD companion diagnostic partnerships with pharma companies worldwide, excluding Japan
TechcyteMayo Clinic·       Objective: Create new AI algorithms and workflows on Techcyte Clinical Pathology AI Platform
·       Dynamic: Combine Mayo Clinic integrated care model with Techcyte’s AI platform
ProPhase LabsmProbe + Mayo Clinic·       Objective: Develop esophageal cancer screening test
·       Dynamic: Mass spectrometry-based proteomic assay, called BE-Smart Esophageal Pre-Cancer Screening test, for early detection of esophageal cancer
·       mProbe to continue evaluating the test using specimens provided by Mayo Clinic
InvitaeEpic·       Objective: Use Epic’s Aura specialty diagnostics suite to provide direct access to results of Invitae’s genetic tests
·       Dynamic: Invitae test results to be incorporated into standard workflows of providers using Epic’s electronic medical record systems
PersonalisAstraZeneca·       Objective: Evaluate sensitivity and specificity of Personalis’ NeXT Personal molecular residual disease (MRD) test in clinical research and drug development
·       Dynamic: Continue current collaboration with test to be used in AstraZeneca clinical trials, including one investigating role of ctDNA and HPV detection in locally advanced cervical cancer
TempusPfizer·       Objective: Use Tempus’ AI platform to advance cancer drug discovery and development
·       Dynamic: Pfizer to gain access to Tempus’ AI-based platform and multimodal data library and clinical trial matching program
Beckman Coulter DiagnosticsMeMed·       Objective: Develop and commercialize the MeMed BV test, a host immune response diagnostic distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections
·       Dynamic: Beckman Coulter gets rights to develop and co-promote MeMed BV test for use on its own Access Family of Immunoassay Analyzers


Distribution, Sales, & Marketing Agreements

Product OwnerDistributorDeal Summary
Mainz BiomedDr. Staber & Kollegen (aka Labor Staber)·       Products: Mainz Biomed’s ColoAlert colorectal cancer screening test
·       Territory: Germany
 ProsciaAgilent Technologies·       Products: Proscia’s Concentriq Dx platform for remote reviewing and analysis of whole-slide images
·       Territory: Undisclosed
 HamamatsuSiemens Healthineers·       Products: Hamamatsu’s NanoZoomer whole-slide scanners
·       Territory: Americas and Europe
Paragon GenomicsDevyser·       Products: Paragon’s CleanPlex target enrichment technology and products
·       Territory: Italy
TherapixelQure.ai·       Products: Therapixel’s MammoScreen, an AI-powered decision support tool for breast cancer screening
·       Territory: Global



LicensorLicenseeDeal Summary
SeQure DxAvance BiosciencesAvance gets rights to use SeQure Dx’s GUIDE-seq NGS-based gene editing off-target analysis technology to support its clients’ CRISPR-based therapeutic programs by offering a comprehensive gene editing on- and off-target analysis pipeline


Government Contracts

ContractorGovt. AgencyContract Summary
RocheUS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Expansion of current partnership to improve HIV and tuberculosis prevention, testing, and treatment via implementation of a public-private partnership called Lab Networks for Health aimed at supporting lab HR capacity, quality, and improvement via training interventions, quality management systems, and improvement programs

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