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OSHA Releases Scaled-Down Health Care Worker COVID-19 Protection Rule

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Articles, News, Open Content

The kinder, gentler version of the standard removes key controversial elements, such as mandating vaccination for employees.

OSHA recently issued for public comment a revised version of its controversial standard to protect lab and other health care workers from exposure to COVID-19. The previous version, proposed in June 2021, was unprecedented in scope, purporting to expand OSHA authority into matters like employment benefits. OSHA says that it has modified the rule. Key differences in the new version:

  • It doesn’t require employers to mandate that employees get vaccinated;
  • Its isolation and return-to-work (RTW) provisions align with CDC recommendations; and
  • It gives employers greater flexibility for medical removal, RTW, hygiene, and other requirements, including a safe harbor for employers that follow CDC guidelines.

Look for further coverage on this rule in our upcoming monthly briefings.

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