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Partnership Aims to Improve Healthcare Delivery via Technology

by | Jun 27, 2022 | News, Open Content

Mayo Clinic and Sheba Medical Center sign an agreement aiming to develop and release health technologies more quickly.

A collaboration announced today (June 27) aims to help early-stage startup companies get off the ground, as well as make it easier to share health technology. The Rochester, Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic and Sheba Medical Center in Israel announced they have signed an agreement that will allow products to be developed more quickly in both the US and Israeli markets, helping to “transform health care delivery for all,” the companies said in a statement.

Initially, the collaboration will focus on helping startup companies from Sheba Medical Center’s ARC Innovation Center, as well as the Mayo Clinic Platform Accelerate. Platform Accelerate aims to improve health care via discoveries made through data, while the ARC Innovation Center brings together a number of stakeholders such as researchers, physicians, investors, and others to “redesign health care.”

“We are pleased to continue to grow our innovation ecosystem with Sheba Medical Center to address complex health care challenges,” says John Halamka, MD, president of Mayo Clinic Platform, in a statement. “This agreement gives Mayo Clinic and Sheba a first look into technologies that can transform patient care globally.”

The organizations first began collaborating on other initiatives in 2016. This new collaboration aims to ultimately add value to health care for people all over the world.