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Quick Guide to Recent Changes We’ve Made to G2’s Reports

by | Feb 13, 2024 | Blog

A new name comes with Lab Industry Advisor, but the goal of helping labs remains the same.

Hi, this is Scott Wallask, the new senior editorial manager for G2 Intelligence. For more than 20 years, G2 has helped diagnostic laboratory managers and other lab professionals meet regulatory standards, Medicare compliance requirements, and billing and coding mandates. G2 also works hard to identify strategic trends in business and technology that allow labs to run their day-to-day operations more efficiently.

In fact, when I started writing about clinical labs in … ahem … the early 2000s, I remember reading G2 content. It was a great resource way back then, and it remains so today.

In fall 2023, G2 debuted a new name for its long-time report: Lab Industry Advisor. The new name encompasses three former G2 publications: Lab Compliance Advisor, Laboratory Industry Report, and National Lab Reporter.

Why did we make this change?

Simply put, over the years and through several acquisitions, it became confusing to differentiate among our publications. The new name of Lab Industry Advisor aims to eliminate that confusion and provide a single resource for our subscribers.

However, we realize the change may have caught current customers off guard.

The most important point to know is that with Lab Industry Advisor, readers still get the same expert advice and field-tested tips they have come to expect from G2, delivered online and in twice monthly PDF reports available to print.

You can read the latest stories from Lab Industry Advisor by logging in at https://www.g2intelligence.com/ and navigating to Articles > Lab Industry Advisor.

If you prefer to see the bimonthly reports in PDF format, then navigate to Reports > Lab Industry Advisor and choose your subscription level (more on subscriptions here).

Further, existing subscribers can still access past reports under their former names by navigating to Reports > Archives.

Introducing Clinical Diagnostics Insider

Additionally, G2’s lab-science-based spinoff is now called Clinical Diagnostics Insider (formerly Diagnostic Testing and Emerging Technologies). The new name better describes the mission of the report—to provide expert information about diagnostics advances—while being less of a mouthful to say or write.

Changes take time to get accustomed to, but I am confident that G2 will continue to serve as a valuable resource to our customers through Lab Industry Advisor.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the changes—or about our content—please let me know by writing to swallask@g2intelligence.com.