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Governmental policy continually shapes the future for diagnostic testing services — does YOUR lab have the inside intelligence it needs to succeed?

National Lab Reporter

Stay in front of the regulations that impact the future of your diagnostics business with G2’s National Lab Reporter. Monthly, practical, and informative coverage gives you timely, expert knowledge of the latest legislative, regulatory, coding, and reimbursement changes affecting clinical laboratories and pathology practices

With federal and state regulations changing more rapidly than ever before, National Lab Reporter clarifies the implications and intersections of laws and enforcement that impact your clinical laboratory or anatomic pathology group.

Each edition of G2’s National Lab Reporter covers critical areas for diagnostic businesses including:

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  • Medicare payment/policy regulations, directives, and guidance
  • Billing guidelines and coding changes
  • CLIA mandates, changes and interpretations
  • Congressional actions and upcoming legislative initiatives
  • FDA guidance affecting in-vitro diagnostics and lab-developed tests
  • OIG anti-fraud initiatives
  • Stark self-referral prohibitions and actions

From Stark and CPT to Medicare and congressional lobbying efforts, “NLR” leaves no stone unturned in its efforts to keep you up to date and inform your business planning and risk assessment.

Regulatory changes are non-stop and your time is precious — trust “NLR” for the most accurate, practical updates on the policies shaping the lab industry.

PLUS – extended coverage of federal and state agency regulatory changes affecting lab personnel training and licensure, safety mandates, and direct-billing initiatives.

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