OIG Work Plan Monthly Review: January 2018

Opioid drug-related issues continue to command the lion's share of OIG Work Plan attention, including two of this month's six new items. While none of the new initiatives directly affect labs or lab … [Read more...]


OIG Work Plan Monthly Review: December 2017

None of the six items the OIG added to its Work Plan this month directly address labs or labs services. However, five of the new items, including the two dealing with opioid abuse, might affect labs … [Read more...]


OIG Work Plan Monthly Review: November 2017

The OIG added four new items to its Work Plan this month, all of which have potential indirect effects on clinical labs involved in providing the targeted services. 1. Opioids in Medicaid: Concerns … [Read more...]


OIG Work Plan Monthly Review: October 2017

Drugs continue to command the OIG's attention with three of this month's five new Work Plan items dedicated to the issue. Although none of the new items specifically address lab services, four of them … [Read more...]


OIG Work Plan Monthly Review: September 2017

Many of the 12 new items that the OIG added to its 2017 Work Plan in September target state and federal government agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services itself—specifically, … [Read more...]


OIG Switches from Semi-Annual to Monthly Work Plan Strategy

New OIG Work Plans every six months are a thing of the past. In June, the agency announced plans to update its Work Plan website monthly. The self-proclaimed "dynamic," web-based strategy is … [Read more...]


10 Traps to Avoid When Investigating Potential Whistleblower Complaints

If one of your employees comes forward to report a billing, coding, reimbursement or other potential violation, the liability of your lab will turn on two critical questions: Is the employee … [Read more...]


Tool: Model Hotline Allegations Investigation Procedure

The OIG Model Compliance Plan for Clinical Laboratories requires labs to establish mechanisms for not only receiving but promptly investigating internal complaints and reports of potential compliance … [Read more...]


Social Media and Hiring: Can You Use Facebook to Screen Job Applicants?

The consensus seems to be that the popular employer practice of demanding Facebook passwords from job applicants and screening their pages is both morally "wrong" and "illegal." … [Read more...]


Check Compliance Policies Against Current Operations

While labs may draft a comprehensive compliance plan and policies and procedures, those policies, procedures and plan can be a liability if they aren't being followed. There can often be "a lot of … [Read more...]