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Labcorp Teams with Oncology Research Startup to Eliminate Demographic Disparities in Cancer Treatment

Studies show that demographic differences can impact cancer care and that disadvantaged populations suffer from a lack of access to advanced precision cancer diagnostics and treatments. Evaluating and … [Read more...]

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Cloud-Based Platform Enlists Quest to Provide COVID-19 Molecular Test Results to Travelers

As proof of COVID-19 vaccination and/or negative molecular test results morphs into a passport for air travel and attending live events, labs with the capacity to generate rapid and reliable tests and … [Read more...]

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Amazon Already Making a Mark on Direct-to-Consumer COVID-19 Test Market

Will Amazon transform diagnostic lab testing the way it did the retail industry? Probably not. But the tech giant with the proven capacity to reach into the home and change the shopping patterns of … [Read more...]

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Labs Cutting Deals to Provide Pooled COVID-19 Testing for Schools

As schools return to in-person learning environments, communities across the country are turning to COVID-19 testing programs to monitor and contain the virus. Although, more and more teachers, … [Read more...]

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Test Makers, Retailers Are Raking in Money from Direct-to-Consumer COVID-19 Diagnostics

There is no disguising the fact that COVID-19 testing has proven to be a windfall for laboratories and the diagnostics industry. And even though the massive testing revenues of the past year are not … [Read more...]

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Eurofins Teams with Uber for Home Delivery of COVID-19 Test Kits

At-home COVID-19 testing and sample collection is becoming so big that it’s drawing players from outside the lab testing market. And it’s not just the Walgreens, Walmarts, Amazons and other retailers … [Read more...]


Big Retail Chains Set to Roll Out Over-the-Counter COVID-19 Tests

DIY at-home COVID-19 testing using over-the-counter (OTC) test kits that don’t require a prescription is likely to become the new norm. With that clearly in mind, three of the country’s largest … [Read more...]

Testing Strategy

CDC/NIH Team with Local Health Authorities to Promote, Evaluate Home COVID-19 Testing

As the COVID-19 crisis drags on, the primary focus of the federal government’s testing strategy continues to shift from medical diagnosis and treatment to broad testing of the asymptomatic for … [Read more...]

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Hologic Leverages Google Cloud Machine Learning to Boost Cervical Cancer Screening

Hologic has its head in a cloud. And that’s a good thing. On Feb. 1, the Massachusetts-based medical technology firm announced that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Google Cloud to … [Read more...]

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Siemens, California Health Network and Biopharm Research Company Partner for Enhanced Liver Fibrosis Testing

Although COVID-19 remains the driving force, non-pandemic-related strategic deal making continues. Among the most impactful deals announced in December is the partnership among Renown Institute for … [Read more...]