Labs In Court

Whistleblower Lawsuit Can’t Start Until Criminal Investigation Ends

Case: Two former MedComp Laboratory Sciences employees filed a whistleblower lawsuit accusing the lab of concocting an elaborate scheme to pay kickbacks to a group of 61 physicians in exchange for … [Read more...]

Feds Charge Silicon Valley Med Tech Executive with Massive COVID-19 Stockholder Swindle

The executive of a publicly traded Silicon Valley medical tech firm has been charged with swindling investors and insurers by misrepresenting the diagnostic capabilities of a test using finger stick … [Read more...]

Labs In Court

Feds Arrest Ring Leaders of Alleged COVID-19 False Testing Scheme

Case: Starting in October 2018, a small clique in Georgia made a pretty nice living by gaming Medicare for cancer genetic (CGX) testing. After persuading patients to complete genetic test kits and … [Read more...]


OIG Warns of COVID-19 Testing Scams

Apparently, scammers aren’t among the legions of people not working due to COVID-19. On March 23, the OIG issued a public service announcement and accompanying video warning consumers of scammers … [Read more...]

Labs In Court

Lab Uses Billing Info of Another Lab to Get Around Payment Restrictions

Case: In 2015, Kentucky Medicaid and private payors began having doubts about the legitimacy of urine drug test claims submitted by CAL Laboratory Services and restricted payments to the toxicology … [Read more...]


Texas Health System Fined $431K for Falsely Billing Genetic Tests  

Case: The feds contend that between 2016 and 2018, Decatur Hospital Authority (d/b/a Wise Health System) sent samples from surgical patients to Tennessee labs for medically unnecessary genetic tests. … [Read more...]


The Year in Labs Regulation: The 6 Biggest Stories of 2019

"May you live in interesting times.” This ancient Chinese curse extolling the virtues of stability may resonate with those of you who work in the lab industry and have a stake in federal … [Read more...]


Texas Scammer Gets 20 Years for Role in $50 Million Lab Test Ripoff

Case: The plot unfolded 10 years ago when a then 26-year-old woman and three co-conspirators set up 24 phony diagnostic testing centers in Houston. Offices were rented in 28 locations even though none … [Read more...]


Feds Take Down Florida Substance Abuse Clinic Principles for Drug Test Fraud

Case: A trio of individuals associated with a Miami substance abuse facility were charged with taking part in a scheme to bill private insurers for tests that weren’t medically necessary or, in some … [Read more...]

Compliance Perspectives: Private Sector Joins the Battle against Lab Fraud

The crackdown on lab fraud has been going on for decades. But now the dynamics are changing. While federal prosecutors and private whistleblowers continue to supply most of the impetus, they have been … [Read more...]