One-Fourth of Myriad’s Variants of Unknown Significance Reclassified Over 10 Years

Variant reclassification following hereditary cancer genetic testing is common, according to a study published by Myriad Genetics (Salt Lake City) Sept. 25 in the Journal of the American Medical … [Read more...]


Majority of Patients Unaware of their BRCA Status

Eight in 10 patients carrying a BRCA mutation are unaware of their status, according to a study published Sept. 21 in JAMA Network Open. The authors say these findings highlight that previous BRCA … [Read more...]


New Studies ID Strategies to Address Overuse of Laboratory Testing

The cost and quality of care are the focus of improvement initiatives happening at health systems across the country. Like imaging and other procedures, the necessity of laboratory testing, too, is … [Read more...]


Quality Improvement Effort Cuts Peds Inpatient Electrolyte Testing

A multifaceted quality improvement intervention can significantly and rapidly cut electrolyte testing among pediatric inpatients, according to a study published April 4 in Pediatrics. Furthermore, the … [Read more...]


Push-Alerts of Lab Results Speeds Discharge from Emergency Dept

Smartphone push-alert notification of troponin laboratory results allow physicians to discharge patients seen in the emergency department for chest pain sooner, compared to physicians who do not … [Read more...]