LABS Undergoes Extensive Rebranding Effort

LABS, Inc., the Colorado-based laboratory that focuses on services related to organ transplantations and reproductive services, has chosen to rebrand, a relatively rare step among companies in the … [Read more...]


Marketing of Laboratory Tests to Consumers: Is a Practitioner Order Enough to Avoid FDA Enforcement?

Danielle Sloane, Esq., Bass, Berry & Sims Courtney Ginn, Esq., Bass, Berry & Sims Laboratory developed tests (LDTs) are tests designed, manufactured, and used within a single laboratory. … [Read more...]


PAML Campaign Encourages Men to Seek Routine Testing

PAML, the largest independent medical laboratory in the Pacific Northwest, has entered into a public service campaign with a regional television station that could boost the number of basic tests it … [Read more...]