Test Utilization: New Guidelines Recommend Basing Routine Colorectal Cancer Screening on Risk Rather than Age

Even people who are not in diagnostics have probably heard that adults age 50 to 79 should get routine colorectal screening exams. But now that longstanding recommendation has changed. According to … [Read more...]


CDC Announces Shortage of TB Skin Test Antigen, New TB Testing Guidelines

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced a three-to 10-month national shortage of Aplisol (Par Pharmaceuticals; Chestnut Ridge, N.Y.), one of two purified-protein derivative … [Read more...]


OIG Monthly Work Plan Review: July 2019

This month there is only one new Work Plan item. Although it doesn't directly impact laboratory operations, it may be of interest to some labs. Quality of Maternal Healthcare in Indian Health Service … [Read more...]


Google This: Labs Partner with Tech Giant

In recent months, several diagnostic companies have announced alliances with Google, and all involve Google Cloud Platform. Here is how four companies are using Google's … [Read more...]


OIG Monthly Work Plan Review: June 2019

This month, there were seven new Work Plan items. Two of these, detailed below, may have implications for some labs. Opioid Use in Medicare Part D in 2018 Issue: The opioid crisis remains a public … [Read more...]


Raising Urinary Tract Infection Threshold Cuts Unnecessary Antibiotic Use, Without Harming Patients

Raising the laboratory threshold for identifying potential urinary tract infections (UTIs) may prevent unnecessary antibiotic treatment in nearly a third of asymptomatic bacteriuria and candiduria … [Read more...]


New Project Aims to Provide Legal Guidance Needed to Do Business in Genomics

Technology changes faster than the laws designed to regulate it. Thus, while DNA testing has changed medicine and fueled growth in the lab industry, it has also created new legal challenges that few … [Read more...]


FDA Watch: Agency Okays Marketing of Zika Test for First Time

Over the past several years, the FDA has issued Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for over a dozen different tests for Zika. But on May 23, 2019, the FDA did something it had never done before: It … [Read more...]


HCV Testing Uptake “Limited” Even Among Baby Boomers

Only one in six baby boomers report having been tested for hepatitis C virus (HCV)< despite recommendations for universal screening, according to a brief report published in the April issue of … [Read more...]


Partnerships, IT Solutions Improve Infectious Disease Diagnostic Stewardship

Appropriate use of testing is becoming a greater challenge, given the growing number of available diagnostic tests and their increasing complexity. While unnecessary or inappropriate testing can lead … [Read more...]