Genomic Data Sharing: From Utopian Principle to Practical Reality

"Publicly available data should be treated as open data, a shared resource with unrestricted use for analysis, interpretation, and publication." --The journal Science report on genomic data … [Read more...]


Investment Trends: Dx/Tools Venture Capital Keeps Flowing Despite Decline in Early-Stage Investment

Continuing a four-year trend, total U.S. venture capital investment in health care surged in 2018, reaching a new all-time high of $9.6 billion, according to Silicon Valley Bank's (SVB) Trends in … [Read more...]


Evidence Building for Use of Liquid Biopsy to Drive Treatment Decisions, Monitor Disease Activity

Emerging evidence shows that liquid biopsy is a viable option for detecting and monitoring genomic mutations to inform treatment decisions and to assess disease activity in real-world clinical … [Read more...]


Carreyrou Captivates Lab Institute With Inside Look at Theranos Fall

The tale could be headed to movie theaters around the nation soon. It is a gripping story of a Steve Jobs-wannabe—a young Stanford dropout with a vision and more than $400 million in funding from … [Read more...]


Genomics Giants Accused of Misappropriating Sequencing Technology

Case: A trio of medical researchers are accusing Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Affymetrix of stealing the zip code sequencing technology they developed. The trade secret theft and fraud … [Read more...]


By the Numbers: Spike in M.D. Practice Acquisitions Drives Up Costs of Hospital Care

Hospitals are gobbling up M.D. practices at a record rate. In addition to endangering the independent physician practice, this trend is driving up the costs of hospital care by adding ever higher … [Read more...]


Influenza Testing: Study Finds Older Patients Are Under-Tested and Under-Diagnosed

The worst flu season in years adds immediacy to a new study tracking flu test utilization patterns based on age. The key finding: Older adults hospitalized with fever or respiratory symptoms during … [Read more...]


The Year in Dx VC Investment: Dx/Tools Outperforms Health Care & Liquid Biopsy/AI/ Informatics Outperforms Dx/Tools

In a year that witnessed venture capital health care investment reaching an all-time high, diagnostics/tools (Dx/Tools) companies made out particularly well, according to Silicon Valley Banks' … [Read more...]


Genetic Profiling: Study Casts Doubt on Cost-Effectiveness of Leading Breast Cancer Recurrence Assay

Among the many genetic profiling assays entering the commercial market, few have been more successful than Genomic Heath's Oncotype DX, which is now covered by most of the nation's biggest insurers. … [Read more...]


Industry Trends: New Report Sheds Light on DX Tech Capital Flows

The health care industry has raised $5 billion in venture fund investment in the first half of 2017 and is well on pace to smash the single year record of $7.5 billion set in 2015, according to … [Read more...]