Pay rates, vacations while recovering, gig economy

By Mike O’Brien bio Department of Labor enters final stage of update to ‘regular rate’ rule under FLSA. As we have discussed previously in these updates, the Department of Labor has been working to … [Read more...]


Medical Marijuana: CBD Doesn’t Get You “High” But May Make You Fail a Drug Test

Testing for marijuana isn't as simple as it used to be thanks to the increased use of cannabidiol (CBD) products. Based on oils extracted from hemp plants, CBD contains little to no … [Read more...]


Compliance Alert: New Private-Pay Opioid Law Puts All Drug Addiction & Rehab Labs at Risk of Federal Prosecution

Recent federal legislation addressing the opioid crisis may have unintended consequences on the lab industry. The idea was to allow the feds to prosecute a certain kind of abuse banned by the … [Read more...]


CMS Takes 3 New Measures to Bolster Medicaid Program Integrity

With Medicaid spending on the rapid ascent, CMS unveiled a trio of new initiatives to bolster program integrity and make states more accountable for compliance with federal rules. 1. MLR Audits CMS … [Read more...]


Compliance Perspectives: Genetic Test Labs Face Growing Risk of Medical Malpractice Liability

Compliance managers of lab involved in the $3 billion consumer-based genetic testing business need to safeguard their flank against a growing legal risk: the threat of liability for malpractice. As … [Read more...]


Are Genetic Testing Labs Liable for Medical Malpractice?

Consumer-based genetic testing has become a $3 billion business with a seemingly limitless future. But the industry is also facing a legal threat to future growth: malpractice liability. In the past … [Read more...]


Case of the Month: Patients Can’t Sue Labs for Privacy Breaches, Federal Court Confirms

The HIPAA law sets out civil and criminal penalties that can be imposed on labs (and other providers) that commit privacy violations. But one thing the HIPAA law does not specify is whether an … [Read more...]


Medicaid Fraud: Enforcement Continues to Trend Down as Labs Drift Deeper into the Background

Last month, the OIG published its annual summary of Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MCFU) activity for FY 2017. Here is a summary of the key findings, trends and impact on labs. Background The 50 MCFUs … [Read more...]


Arizona Fraud Suit Opens New Front in the Legal War against Theranos

Suing Theranos has become something of a cottage industry. And now a whole new front in the legal war appears ready to open: state consumer fraud lawsuits. The Arizona Attorney General's Office (AGO) … [Read more...]


Theranos Faces Potential Consumer Fraud Litigation

The Arizona Attorney General's Office (AGO) recently issued a request for proposal signaling a new legal battle for Theranos: state consumer fraud lawsuits. The AGO indicated in its request that it … [Read more...]